A Weekend of Hosting

It seems like this week is going by so quickly, which is never a bad thing.  Last weekend was a little busier than we are used to, but it was fun.  On Friday night, the husband hosted a few people from his work for a poker night.  We rented our community room, and I helped him set up the spread.  Even though I didn't cook anything, just getting everything assembled took a decent amount of time, but I think it turned out well. 
I love cheese plates, so I pulled one together.
We served chicken, but we also had a sandwich station, which apparently is a tradition.
My favorite was how the desserts turned out.  Whole Foods has such cute ones. We happened to have the napkins on hand, and I thought they were fun.
On Saturday, we were able to visit with another couple, and we finally met their little girl (who is absolutely adorable). The husband's mom and grandmother were also in town, so we visited them on Saturday, and they also came over on Sunday.  My MIL brought us her steam cleaner to borrow, so Sunday night the husband started working on our carpets.  Sadly, they were definitely in need of some help, and I'm happy to report that they now look substantially better!  After a weekend of entertaining and cleaning, I feel that our apartment is cleaner than it has ever been in a really long time.  What are your favorite things to do when you have people over?  I always care about the desserts and a cheese plate, because those are my favorite things to eat!

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Elle Sees said...

come host a party at my place! you've got a knack!