Heading to the Big Apple!

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm heading to NYC for an event at the husband's work.  I'm pretty excited that I took the time off, because the husband has been in NYC since Sunday evening, so this breaks up the week.  The first time I went to this event was five years ago, and I was so intimidated by the city, but now I'm just looking forward to enjoying myself. I took off Thursday, and I am looking forward to some shopping in SoHo. Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'm open to ideas!


Elle Sees said...

how fun!! i can't wait to hear about your adventures.

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Have so much fun! I have never been to NYC, but my best friend lives outside of the city now, so I am hoping to make a trip this fall!

Jessica Osborne said...

Have so much fun! I love NYC and miss living there!