NYC Trip Recap

Even though we spent less than 24 hours in NYC, I feel we were able to really make the most of our time.  Wednesday evening we went to the MoMa, and it was such a fun event. 
The husband and I don't really have too much appreciation for modern art though, and we didn't really appreciate this exhibit. (The idea is that since the shovel and bike wheel are rendered useless then it makes you think of ordinary pieces as art.)
The next day I went to the Met while the husband was in meetings, and I really enjoyed it.  I concentrated most of my time in the Egypt and Roman wings.
It's amazing how they transform entire spaces so completely.
On my walk back, I saw the Lilly Pulitzer townhouse, but I didn't have time to stop.
I did make sure I stopped by Laduree.  I am definitely a sucker for packaging.
I picked up some macaroons and we opened them up on the plane ride home.
We enjoyed them when we got home.
It was such an enjoyable trip, and I am so glad that I had a chance to visit the Big Apple!

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