Weekend Recap: Great Falls and the National Zoo!

We had some beautiful weather this weekend, so we finally made it up to Great Falls! I'd heard so much about it, that I really wanted to go see it.  Even though the weather was perfect, the water was really muddy, evidently from all the rain that we have had. 

On Sunday afternoon, we tried to go canoeing on the Potomac, but the water level was too high, so we decided to go to the zoo instead! Even though we've been to the zoo a few times, we've never seen the pandas.  They were eating when we walked through their habitat, and it was so cute.  I really learned a lot from the exhibit (I had no idea how tiny pandas are when they are first born), and it was definitely the highlight.  Aren't they so cute?
I didn't make it to my parents' house for Father's Day, since we were just together in Florida earlier in the week.  The husband was also getting ready for his work trip this week, so it was definitely good to have some time together at home.  How was your weekend?


Elle Sees said...

i haven't been there since like 1998 or something!! loved the recap and hope your week is beautiful!

Dina Gideon said...

My hubby almost went to the zoo with the kids on Sunday. That would have been awesome if you had seen them there. You could have been all, "I am the lady that knows your wife through the blog and our Rockette mutual friend." :D

I think this weekend was just amazing. Lucky dads had the perfect weekend for the celebrating!