Goals for August!

The husband has been abroad for over a week now, and he's scheduled to be away for a few more weeks.  Even though I miss him, it's not as bad as I thought it would be because we can still talk on the phone, which really helps.  I'm trying to use the time while he is gone as productively as I can, and not wish it away. I thought I'd share a few of my goals to keep me accountable.
1. Start training for a 10k.  My sister and I are hoping to run the same one at the end of September, and I need to get ready!  I'm trying to run every day after work for at least 30 minutes, and I think that will help a lot.
2. Clean and organize the apartment- This started and began with the two desk drawers last week, so I'm hoping I can do better.  To be honest, I'm kind of at a loss to how we can maximize our space. The simple answer may be that we have too many things, so some de-cluttering may be needed. 
3. Finish some Shutterfly albums of our Maine and Fourth of July.  I finally got around to making one for the husband's grandma as a thank you for our Maine trip, but I still need to make a few more. (I know this is a silly goal, but they are important to me.)
4.  Organize the games and prizes for my friend's baby shower.  This is coming along, thanks to some help from my mom, but I still need to do a few other things.

I'd like to think that I'm getting a little bit done. Even if that means, that I just got took a short walk on Monday to get these hydrangeas at Trader Joes.  Do you have any goals for August? 

Weekend Recap!

This weekend flew by because I took a quick trip home to visit my parents.  It actually worked out well that the husband is traveling, because I needed to go home to take car inspection.  I also wanted to see my parents because my dad is recovering a lot slower from a recent surgery.  I think it definitely was good for all of us that I came home. 

On Saturday morning my mom and I left at 6:30am for the inspection.  Long story short, I ended up having to take it to another place to get some work done, but thankfully the work wasn't too expensive.  That's definitely a huge relief, because I always find car repairs stressful. 

After we got the car dropped off, my mom and I ran to the dollar store so I could get a few things for my friend's baby shower (I'll be doing another post on that soon) and then we went to Dillards.  My mom and I don't usually go shopping together because usually our whole family is together, so it was really nice. My parents bought me two dresses.  I really love this coral dress, pictured right.  It's pretty poufy on the bottom, so I don't think the husband is a fan, but I think it will be fun to wear to my friend's baby shower.  I love the color, and think it's such a girly dress. That afternoon, we went over to my brother's and sister-in-law's house for lunch, and they made a delicious meal of salmon (seriously the best I've ever tasted) and veggie kabobs (among other things).  It was great to see them!  The rest of the visit was pretty low-key, as my Dad wasn't feeling well, but it was really nice to have the time together. 

On my way home, I stopped by Ikea for a break, and I picked up these fun boxes, in the hopes that I might get a little organized.  I thought these could be nice to store things underneath the bed and the big box I brought into work.
With the husband gone, I think my cleaning standards have relaxed, so I'm hoping to catch up on everything tonight.  How was your weekend?

Organizing the Desk

This may go down in history as the most boring post ever, but it makes me happy.  Since we have spent a lot of the summer entertaining and traveling, I was shoving the mail into our top desk drawers instead of taking the time to shred everything. As a result, our desk drawers were a hot mess.  Here is a sample photo for your entertainment.
Yup, something had to be done.  I decided since I was sorting through everything, I might as well line the drawers with wrapping paper.  I'm not sure why, but seeing the drawer linings just makes me happy.  Now I don't have to worry if someone opens up the desk drawers and even better, we can now find everything easily.
It isn't perfect, but for just a few minutes of organizing, I feel that it's so much better! How do you tame the paper clutter?  I find it's a constant battle.

Back from Maine!

On Saturday night we made it back safely from Maine!  We had a great trip and it was truly a break.  Unfortunately, it is back to reality with work and the husband is leaving the country tomorrow for a business trip.  He will be gone a few weeks, so I'm a bit sad about that. However, I'm planning some weekend trips to visit my family and friends, so hopefully the time will go quickly.  I did want to share with you a few trips from our little vacation, in case you might be interested.

When we got there, the weather was gorgeous and we braved the cold water.
We went duck pin bowling, which I was pretty good at.
I loved visiting the Portland Head Light and Two Lights.
When the weather was bad, we drove up to Freeport to go to the outlets.  We stopped by a great pizza place in Freeport that had a nice atmosphere.  After the rain and shopping, it was perfect.
We  went to see the horses race a few times.

The husband flew a kite.
That ended up going pretty high.
And we spent as much time on the beach as we could, collecting shells, playing bocci ball, and just talking and dreaming.

It was exactly what we needed. Thanks for bearing with me as I shared so many photos!

Heading to Maine!

Tonight the husband and I are starting our drive up to Maine for a week of vacation. We're driving, which will be our first long road trip in a long time, so I'm hoping that our car handles everything okay.  We will be staying with the husband's grandma by the beach for a few days and we're also hoping to visit Acadia.  We actually haven't been to Maine for five years (before we were married!),  and I can't wait!

Here are a few pictures from our past adventures.

My, what a difference time makes! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Planning for a Friend's Baby Shower

As I mentioned awhile ago, one of my friend's is expecting a baby in September.  For her shower, I'm helping with the games and prizes.  It's going to be co-ed and could be a pretty large group (over 60 people are being invited!).  I'm really excited to participate, but I'm a little overwhelmed by the fact that it is co-ed and is so large.  The theme is travel, so I found this really fun printable. 
I'm also planning on doing advice cards, which I've already started designing, and surprisingly, it isn't taking too much time.  Finally, I'm planning on having everyone write a message on a diaper and then doing a raffle. I am planning on keeping the games to a minimum, so it doesn't take too much time, because with a lot of people just opening gifts will take awhile!  To keep everyone interested, I'm expecting to just give out a few prizes for each activity. 

For the gifts, I'm thinking of doing a travel theme with travel mugs, travel pillows, travel soaps and candles.  Then, I was browsing Kate Spade's new arrivals, and I saw these adorable luggage tags.
Since it is a co-ed shower, I feel like I might be throwing my money away, though.  But aren't they cute? Since I'm doing a decent amount of prizes and we splurged on her shower gift, I'm trying to figure out how to keep the costs reasonable.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I've only been to one baby shower, so I'm definitely open to any thoughts you might have!

Dream Bedding at Restoration Hardware

Over July Fourth weekend I stopped by Restoration Hardware with my sister and her boyfriend.  To be honest, I've never paid too much attention to this store because it's a little pricey for me (aka isn't Target or Home Goods).  However, this bedding did catch my attention because it feels divine. So now I have some dream bedding to put in our dream house one day! What's your favorite type of bedding?  I think nice sheets and comforters are so luxurious!

Fourth of July Recap!

The Fourth of July celebrations started early when I picked up my sister and her boyfriend at the airport.  We decided to spend the afternoon in Georgetown, and we really enjoyed our time.  I picked up this dress in a nice blue color and this skirt, as well as a notepad an lip balm at Anthropologie.  It was a lot of fun, and I just enjoyed spending the time together.  Then we met the husband at District Commons for dinner, which worked out well.
On Friday, my family arrived as well as my husband's dad. My FIL and husband worked on preparing the lobster rolls, and I set up everything else.  I think the lunch and dinner worked out well, and I'm glad I kept things easy.
I thought the snack table turned out well, although we definitely had a lot of food. I may have over-compensated a bit.
Most of all I enjoyed spending time with my family.
There was a hot game of "American" Monopoly.
The evening we enjoyed the fireworks; it was a great show!  On Saturday, everyone came over for brunch before my parents, brother and sister-in-law went back home. My sister was able to stay through the weekend, and we enjoyed lots of shopping at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Tysons Corner.  I had always been afraid to drive to Tysons, but it turned out that it is just a mall and nothing to be scared of!  We actually didn't end up buying very much, but it was such a treat to shop with my sister.  Now it's back to the work week!  How was your Fourth?

Our Fourth of July Menus!

Happy Fourth of July!  I'm looking forward to my sister and her boyfriend coming up this afternoon, and the rest of my family is arriving tomorrow along with my FIL.  After my epic journey to the grocery store last night, this is what I'm planning on serving everyone! Since there are three meals, and I want to enjoy spending time with everyone and not cooking, I'm taking as many short cuts as I can. Also, don't judge too much because these are certainly not the healthiest meals in the world.


Lobster rolls
Corn on the cob
Caprese salad
Blueberry cheesecake


Corn on the cob
Potato salad
Watermelon and feta salad
Baked beans


"The Sparkler" aka champagne
"The Firecracker" aka cranberry juice


Cinnamon muffins
I also bought this star bowl from Crate and Barrel, and I can't wait to use it.  Are you entertaining for the fourth?  I'd love to hear your plans!

Getting Ready for the Fourth of July!

As I mentioned, my family will be coming up for the Fourth of July, as well as the husband's dad.  I started to do a few preparations because I'm excited to see everyone (plus I have a hard time doing everything at the last minute).  I'm hoping to create a little snack station for when we're watching the fireworks, so I prepared these red, white, and blue snacks.

My family loves popcorn, so I put some in these little Martha Stewart boxes.
I have a sweet tooth, so I also put some white chocolate covered pretzels in the other boxes.
I also packaged up some twizzlers and some york patty minis (I thought they were so cute, and didn't even know that they existed until this weekend).
For the welcome bags, I just put a label around a water bottle and then packaged some trail mix and popcorn.
 I know welcome bags are a little over the top, but they really only cost a few dollars and I think it's nice for people to have a little snack when they are at their hotel.  I think they turned out pretty well.
 In case you're interested, I got my printables here and here.  Are you getting excited about the Fourth? Now that we live in the D.C. area, I've become a huge fan of the holiday.