Heading to Maine!

Tonight the husband and I are starting our drive up to Maine for a week of vacation. We're driving, which will be our first long road trip in a long time, so I'm hoping that our car handles everything okay.  We will be staying with the husband's grandma by the beach for a few days and we're also hoping to visit Acadia.  We actually haven't been to Maine for five years (before we were married!),  and I can't wait!

Here are a few pictures from our past adventures.

My, what a difference time makes! I hope you have a lovely weekend!


Miss Southern Prep said...

What gorgeous pictures! I've never been to Maine, but our family friends have a cabin there, and their adventures always sound amazing! And I always drool over their food pics!

Oh Sunnie Day said...

That sounds awesome! Can't wait to see pics :)



Elle Sees said...

fun! haven't been to maine in years! i think i was 21 or something last time.

WorthyStyle said...

Have an incredible time on your trip to Maine. I love going up there, I just wish the water was warmer!