Weekend Recap!

This weekend flew by because I took a quick trip home to visit my parents.  It actually worked out well that the husband is traveling, because I needed to go home to take car inspection.  I also wanted to see my parents because my dad is recovering a lot slower from a recent surgery.  I think it definitely was good for all of us that I came home. 

On Saturday morning my mom and I left at 6:30am for the inspection.  Long story short, I ended up having to take it to another place to get some work done, but thankfully the work wasn't too expensive.  That's definitely a huge relief, because I always find car repairs stressful. 

After we got the car dropped off, my mom and I ran to the dollar store so I could get a few things for my friend's baby shower (I'll be doing another post on that soon) and then we went to Dillards.  My mom and I don't usually go shopping together because usually our whole family is together, so it was really nice. My parents bought me two dresses.  I really love this coral dress, pictured right.  It's pretty poufy on the bottom, so I don't think the husband is a fan, but I think it will be fun to wear to my friend's baby shower.  I love the color, and think it's such a girly dress. That afternoon, we went over to my brother's and sister-in-law's house for lunch, and they made a delicious meal of salmon (seriously the best I've ever tasted) and veggie kabobs (among other things).  It was great to see them!  The rest of the visit was pretty low-key, as my Dad wasn't feeling well, but it was really nice to have the time together. 

On my way home, I stopped by Ikea for a break, and I picked up these fun boxes, in the hopes that I might get a little organized.  I thought these could be nice to store things underneath the bed and the big box I brought into work.
With the husband gone, I think my cleaning standards have relaxed, so I'm hoping to catch up on everything tonight.  How was your weekend?

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