Sale Picks: Ann Taylor Loft

I hope everyone is having a nice Labor Day weekend.  I've been enjoying all the sales, especially at the Loft.  They have some casual dresses for $7.44 for final sale, so it's a great price to stock up!

We actually live withing 3-4 blocks of a Loft store, so I stopped by yesterday to see if the sales were just as good in  the store.  It's definitely better to shop this sale online, if you know you size because the dresses are final sale, but cheaper online.  I picked up this dress yesterday, but the husband wasn't a huge fan, so I'll be returning it. The material is super soft, so if you like the style I recommend it. (My sister owns it, and I think it looks really cute on her; I just can't pull it off.)
 This dress is final sale, but it got good reviews and I think it looks nice, so I'm crossing my fingers it will work.  It will just be a dress to wear around the house, so for $7, I figure it's worth the risk.
I also got this dress, which the husband thinks looks too baggy, but at the very least, I know it will be comfy.
I didn't buy this dress, but A. Liz Adventures highly recommends it, and I think it would look lovely (I just couldn't get the husband on board).
I also wasn't brave enough to try this swimsuit, but my sister did.  For $7 it's a steal, plus who can resist the bow!
I also got a white t-shirt for $5, because I wear them under cardigans.
And at a less-discount price and non final sale, I bought this skirt, which if it works, would be great for fall.
I also got this blouse, which I am hoping will look nice on me, because I think it would be great for work.
If you need any summer casual dresses, I think now is the time to buy! Have you found anything good during the Labor Day sales?

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I hope everyone has a lovely long weekend!  I'm looking forward to savoring watermelon, ice cream cones, and some corn on the cob, and I plan on taking one last swim in the pool.  Enjoy the last few days of summer!


I was really enthralled with the pandas during our last trip to the zoo.  The husband was struck by how lazy they are (they really just eat bamboo and sleep). 

This morning on my way to work, I heard about this news story, which  made me laugh, so I wanted to share.
I hope everyone has a great Thursday, and I'm hoping to have something "blog worthy" to write about soon!

Weekend Recap: An Afternoon at Dumbarton Oaks

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  It certainly seemed to go by quickly. We enjoyed a quiet weekend, which was exactly what we needed.  On Sunday afternoon, we did decide to venture to Georgetown and stopped by Chipotle for lunch.
We also walked to Dumbarton Oaks to see the gardens.  It's really amazing to me that such a large estate is in the middle of D.C.

 We enjoyed walking though the gardens and seeing all the flowers.  Well, to be honest, I liked it more than the husband.  While I was looking at the roses, he was trying to track down a rabbit.
If the weather is nice, and you like walking through gardens, I'd definitely recommend it.  The afternoon felt a bit like something from Downton Abbey.  Who knew that such an estate still exists in DC!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  The weather is dreary here, but I'm still looking forward to the weekend.  The husband may have to work a bit, but I'm looking forward to a lazy weekend.  After all of my little weekend trips while he was away, it will be great to just putter around the apartment. What are your weekend plans?

The husband returns home!

Today is the day that the husband returns home from abroad!  It's been exactly four weeks, which I realize isn't a long time for many people, but it's the longest that we've been apart.

I know that he will be pretty jetlagged, but I tried to do a few special things for him since he will be coming back to the apartment while I'm still at work.  Many years ago, the husband made me a little "Happy Birthday" banner out of construction paper and thread.  It was so sweet and thoughtful, so I wanted to do something similar.  I cheated and printed the letters on paper and then cut them out.  I think it's probably better that way though, because you can actually read the sentiment.
I also made him a card at  They were running a sale last week where all the cards were 99 cents, and I definitely stocked up.  I really love how you can personalize your message.
Finally, I put some of his favorite snack foods in a basket for him to have on hand.  And yes, this is the same basket I used for his birthday.  (I was trying to do this little homecoming economically.)
I'm planning on making him salmon and asparagus for dinner tonight.  At the end of the day, all of this doesn't really matter; I'll just be so happy to be together again!

Baby Shower Preparations!

As you might be able to tell, I was excited about my friend's baby shower.  It's a huge step that she and her husband are taking, but the truth is, I just love this sort of thing.

Since my friend is doing a travel theme for the nursery complete with a hot air balloon mobile, I tried to incorporate that into the games.  The first game I made was just a sign with little advice cards for everyone to write a little note.
The advice cards were just little note cards, but the size seemed to work well.
We also did a matching game for the name for the word baby in different languages. I was so thankful for this free printable!
I finally got around to doing bingo, and made up little boards.  Making all the different boards was a bit time consuming, but it kept everyone engaged during the gift opening part.

For the prizes I was originally going to give stuff from Bath and Body Works, but then I decided to do more of a travel theme to fit with the shower. My mom very kindly sewed 12 travel pillows for me.  Didn't they turn out well?
I made little tags for them, which I thought was fun.
I wanted to be sure I had plenty of prizes, so I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up ten of these water bottles in different colors.  I thought they fit with the travel theme and are fun for summer.
Because I was relatively economical with the prizes, the husband and I splurged on her gift and got her the Sofie teether and a high chair. I was way more excited about the teether than the high chair, but I really wanted to get them something they will use everyday.  I also picked up a bib with the logo from the undergraduate school we all went to, because I thought that would be fun.  I know it's silly, but the little things make me so happy.  Here is everything all wrapped up.  As you can imagine, it was quite a project getting everything in my little car!
So that's it for baby showers from me for awhile! Have you been to any lately? 

Life Lately

I thought with the husband being abroad, I would do a lot better job blogging, but alas, that hasn't really happened.  I also thought that I would have a clean and super organized apartment by now.  What has materialized is that I've worked some relatively long hours for work, visited my friends and family and gotten on a regular exercise program.  (The exercise hasn't resulted in any real weight loss yet, but I can tell that I'm getting in better shape).  So much so, that my sister and I have decided to run a 10k at the end of September.  I'm really excited, and I think it will keep me focused.

This weekend I have my friend's baby shower on Saturday.  I'm still trying to finish creating the baby bingo game, but I should be able to get everything wrapped up relatively easily.  I'm planning on wearing this dress from Ann Taylor, as I got it on sale and returned the coral one.  I like how this one is a little more understated and feels like me. I am hoping to share with you all the games and such from the shower!
How have things been going for you?

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone!  I'm hoping to leave early to go visit my parents and my sister who flew in from Florida last night! I'm looking forward to enjoying some quintessential summer days with flip flops and the hum of cicadas in the background. I think it will be a great weekend, and all that stands between me and that is a little work and the drive.  I'm just hoping that the traffic isn't too bad.  What are your weekend plans?

Loving: White, Aqua, and Pink

I'm a huge fan of pink, but I really love it when it is tempered by a neutral.  Things at the office have been a little bit quiet, so I've taken some time to do some organizing.  Thanks to Ikea, I've been able to add a little bit of white inexpensively.

First up, I used these magazine files to really organize everything.  It makes such a huge difference, and I love looking at the labeled white organizers instead of file folders and stacks of magazines.
As I mentioned, I picked up a few pink boxes for my personal use, but I ended up using a big pink one at the office to organize some bulkier things that I need to keep.  It's such a fun pop of pink.

A few years ago, I bought these Martha Stewart file folders and magazine holders, and I'm loving all the aqua, white and pink together. 

One day, I'd love to have an office like this.
With things all nicely organized like this.
Have you been doing any office organization lately?  I find that summer is a good time to get ready for a busy fall!

Weekend Recap: A trip to visit a friend and the J.Crew Warehouse Store!

 As I mentioned, this past weekend I was able to go visit one of my friends. I wanted to bring her a little hostess gift, so while I was waiting on my car repairs, I picked up this fun tin of popcorn for her as a little hostess gift.  Usually, I like to give people flowers, but she's a foodie, so I was pretty sure that she would enjoy it. We ended up sampling it, and the popcorn is delicious.

When I arrived on Saturday night, she made cheese fondue, which was delicious (of course).  We also had enough time to check out the J.Crew warehouse, and I purchased a few things.  I love their flip flops and they were running a sale on summer stuff, so I picked up basically the only pairs I could find.  I was really hoping to find some flip flops for the husband, but unfortunately, the men's section is super small.
I also bought a plain navy blue cardigan, because the one I currently have has seen better days.

The beginning of this week has been kind of long, with work and the husband being away.  With that said, a little card from my sister certainly makes my day.  Can you tell I love flip flops? They are the essence of summer to me.
How is your week going?

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! This week has been relatively productive, in terms of getting back on track with jogging, and I'm hoping that next week I can get a little bit more done around the house.  

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  I'm looking forward to finishing up some car repairs on Saturday morning and then taking a little road trip to visit a friend.  I haven't seen her in awhile, and both of our husband's are traveling for work, so it will be great to catch up!