Baby Shower Preparations!

As you might be able to tell, I was excited about my friend's baby shower.  It's a huge step that she and her husband are taking, but the truth is, I just love this sort of thing.

Since my friend is doing a travel theme for the nursery complete with a hot air balloon mobile, I tried to incorporate that into the games.  The first game I made was just a sign with little advice cards for everyone to write a little note.
The advice cards were just little note cards, but the size seemed to work well.
We also did a matching game for the name for the word baby in different languages. I was so thankful for this free printable!
I finally got around to doing bingo, and made up little boards.  Making all the different boards was a bit time consuming, but it kept everyone engaged during the gift opening part.

For the prizes I was originally going to give stuff from Bath and Body Works, but then I decided to do more of a travel theme to fit with the shower. My mom very kindly sewed 12 travel pillows for me.  Didn't they turn out well?
I made little tags for them, which I thought was fun.
I wanted to be sure I had plenty of prizes, so I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up ten of these water bottles in different colors.  I thought they fit with the travel theme and are fun for summer.
Because I was relatively economical with the prizes, the husband and I splurged on her gift and got her the Sofie teether and a high chair. I was way more excited about the teether than the high chair, but I really wanted to get them something they will use everyday.  I also picked up a bib with the logo from the undergraduate school we all went to, because I thought that would be fun.  I know it's silly, but the little things make me so happy.  Here is everything all wrapped up.  As you can imagine, it was quite a project getting everything in my little car!
So that's it for baby showers from me for awhile! Have you been to any lately? 


Elle Sees said...

it looks so good! great job!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Good work! I remember when you first started planning the shower--looks like it all came together fabulously!

Mrs. W said...

You went all out! Everything looks beautiful, great job!!

MCW said...

The travel pillow is awesome! I really needed one on a recent work trip to CA.