Life Lately

I thought with the husband being abroad, I would do a lot better job blogging, but alas, that hasn't really happened.  I also thought that I would have a clean and super organized apartment by now.  What has materialized is that I've worked some relatively long hours for work, visited my friends and family and gotten on a regular exercise program.  (The exercise hasn't resulted in any real weight loss yet, but I can tell that I'm getting in better shape).  So much so, that my sister and I have decided to run a 10k at the end of September.  I'm really excited, and I think it will keep me focused.

This weekend I have my friend's baby shower on Saturday.  I'm still trying to finish creating the baby bingo game, but I should be able to get everything wrapped up relatively easily.  I'm planning on wearing this dress from Ann Taylor, as I got it on sale and returned the coral one.  I like how this one is a little more understated and feels like me. I am hoping to share with you all the games and such from the shower!
How have things been going for you?


Mrs. W said...

I have been a terrible blogger but I'm going to get back at it!

Love the dress!!

Elle Sees said...

good for you. things have been okay around here!