The husband returns home!

Today is the day that the husband returns home from abroad!  It's been exactly four weeks, which I realize isn't a long time for many people, but it's the longest that we've been apart.

I know that he will be pretty jetlagged, but I tried to do a few special things for him since he will be coming back to the apartment while I'm still at work.  Many years ago, the husband made me a little "Happy Birthday" banner out of construction paper and thread.  It was so sweet and thoughtful, so I wanted to do something similar.  I cheated and printed the letters on paper and then cut them out.  I think it's probably better that way though, because you can actually read the sentiment.
I also made him a card at  They were running a sale last week where all the cards were 99 cents, and I definitely stocked up.  I really love how you can personalize your message.
Finally, I put some of his favorite snack foods in a basket for him to have on hand.  And yes, this is the same basket I used for his birthday.  (I was trying to do this little homecoming economically.)
I'm planning on making him salmon and asparagus for dinner tonight.  At the end of the day, all of this doesn't really matter; I'll just be so happy to be together again!


Mrs. W said...

So exciting!! Hope you all have a fun and relaxing weekend ahead.

P*P*P said...

This is so sweet! I'm sure you've missed him. Have a wonderful weekend together! :)