Weekend Recap: A trip to visit a friend and the J.Crew Warehouse Store!

 As I mentioned, this past weekend I was able to go visit one of my friends. I wanted to bring her a little hostess gift, so while I was waiting on my car repairs, I picked up this fun tin of popcorn for her as a little hostess gift.  Usually, I like to give people flowers, but she's a foodie, so I was pretty sure that she would enjoy it. We ended up sampling it, and the popcorn is delicious.

When I arrived on Saturday night, she made cheese fondue, which was delicious (of course).  We also had enough time to check out the J.Crew warehouse, and I purchased a few things.  I love their flip flops and they were running a sale on summer stuff, so I picked up basically the only pairs I could find.  I was really hoping to find some flip flops for the husband, but unfortunately, the men's section is super small.
I also bought a plain navy blue cardigan, because the one I currently have has seen better days.

The beginning of this week has been kind of long, with work and the husband being away.  With that said, a little card from my sister certainly makes my day.  Can you tell I love flip flops? They are the essence of summer to me.
How is your week going?


Miss Southern Prep said...

I've only been to a J. Crew Warehouse once, and it was a magical experience haha! I got a cashmere sweater for only $30! Hope you're having a good week!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

My friends and I used to make the trip to the J. Crew warehouse store in Lynchburg about once a semester...such good deals!

Bmore Bungalow said...

I've seen that popcorn can at Homegoods. It always catches my eye, but I never buy it. Now I will have to go back and buy some!

Elle Sees said...

i love flip flops, but they are frowned upon in atlanta. boo! but i still wear them! and thanks for your comments on my last post. they made me smile!!