A Meal for a Friend

Because I live a quiet life, I'm really dragging this out, but as I mentioned I brought my friend a meal on Sunday.  Cooking really isn't my strength, so I truly agonized over what to bring.  I realized that she loves butternut squash soup, so I decided to build a menu around that. 
I whipped up my favorite harvest salad and also baked some cinnamon muffins. I also picked up some bread, apple cider, and anything interesting that I saw at Trader Joe's.  (I definitely went a little overboard.)
I  wanted to bring her some flowers, and I thought the hydrangeas were perfect.
I put all the food in a basket that I bought from Michael's, and that was a great way to easily transport everything (and my friend really liked the basket).
I plan on bringing her another meal in a few weeks, so if anyone has any ideas for other meals, I'd love to hear them!  Even though my friend is adjusting great, I think it's always nice to have friends do special things during this time.


Elle Sees said...

that is just so sweet! i don't think i know anyone who would do that for me. love what you packed and made!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Thats so sweet! Those hydrangeas are gorgeous, too!

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

That is so sweet! You can't go wrong with anything at Trader Joe's. Thanks for stopping by to comment. I hope youre having a great fall. xo Nancy