A Quiet Weekend/Thoughts on Decluttering

These past few weeks we've had some stressful life events, but this weekend was actually quiet and relaxing.  It started off well with  finding out that my husband won't be traveling abroad today as originally scheduled!  I was so happy not to have to say goodbye to him for at least a few more weeks.

I mainly did errands, some cooking, some jogging, and attempted to clean out a little bit of clutter.  On Saturday, the husband actually cleaned while I was grocery shopping, so that made it easier to try to sort through things.  We are having company this upcoming weekend, so that is always a motivating factor.

I went through my books and actually got rid of a few.  (The impetus for this project is that when we came home last weekend, a pile of books had fallen under their own weight.) Yes, an intervention was definitely needed. For some reason, it is so hard for me to acknowledge that a certain part of my life of being a student and teacher is over.  Truly, I am not going to sit down and read a few Eastern European poems, but I'm not completely ready to donate them yet.  Silly, isn't it? 

I also went through the closet, where the denial continued, but I finally worked up the courage to get rid of one cardigan and a few other things.  The husband is much better about this and donated four of his dress shirts.  I love our apartment, and definitely enjoy it more when we have less clutter lying around.  Sometimes when I need encouragement to donate things, I find a lot of inspiration from this post.  How do you motivate yourself to clear out clutter?  Even though I think I'm good at it, sometimes I hit roadblocks, and then I find myself searching Target.com to see if I should put a little bookshelf in a small little nook.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the last thing I need.

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Elle Sees said...

i do the same--i am bad about letting go of magazines. i usually find some inspiration in each one--like a color or product or anything. i did a small declutter, but have more to go!