A Very Belated Anniversary Recap

Our wedding anniversary was September 6th, but with everything that happened this month, I never got around to doing a post about it.

For our anniversary we were originally planning on having a quiet weekend, and going out to dinner, but my father-in-law received an upsetting diagnosis. As a result, we decided to go visit him for the weekend.  While it was quite different than what I was expecting, it was the right thing to do. We just spent time together and of course on Saturday night we watched the VA Tech game.  I never watch football, but since the whole family was together, that was the activity.  It was a really great game, and I enjoyed watching.  Since they won, everyone was in a really good mood.

When we got married, our groom's cake was a VT and we served cupcakes as our wedding cake, so I loved it when I saw this VT cupcake cake to have as an anniversary treat. I think it properly celebrated the occasion!
The Groom's Cake
Our anniversary "cupcake cake"
On a joyful note, my friend whose shower I helped with had her baby boy early and it ended up being on our anniversary! We also saw a second rainbow that day.
Driving home, we both couldn't help but admire the beauty of Virginia.
How have you been doing lately?

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MCW said...

Im sorry to hear about your FIL. Sending some prayers.

OMGoodness! You husband looks SOOOO young in that wedding picture!