A Beautiful Fall Weekend in DC

The weather in D.C. was gorgeous this weekend, making up for all the rain we had during the week.  The husband ended up having to work for most of the time, so I made up a care package for my FIL and caught up on other errands.

We did decide to venture into the city on Sunday afternoon, and since it was so nice, we took a bike ride.  First, we rode to the Jefferson Memorial.  Even though we see it all the time, we rarely make it to that side of the monuments.
We also stumbled upon a memorial for George Mason, which I didn't even know existed. Isn't this a nice little place?

We then headed to the Botanical Gardens.  We walked through the garden (probably the last time the flowers will be blooming for awhile) and then headed indoors.  They had this neat exhibit of miniature versions for all the monuments.  They even recreated the reflecting pool, which I thought was so clever.  Despite the fact that flowers aren't really the husband's cup of tea, we both enjoyed seeing this.

Aren't these replicas so neat?  It was such a treat to have the opportunity to go see them. How was your weekend?  I feel with winter looming in front of us, there is so much pressure to enjoy fall.

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Elle Sees said...

i've seen these before! i love botanical gardens!!