A Very Belated Weekend Recap: A Nationals Playoff Game, Apple Picking and Visiting with Friends!

Last weekend was filled with a little more activity than I'm used to, but it was really nice.  Friday night was low key and during the day on Saturday was filled with errands and cooking.  Saturday night though was the Nationals' playoff game.  All 18 innings of it.  There was a mishap with my jacket, so the husband gave me his.  He was freezing the entire game, but we stayed until the bitter end. (BTW, it was a record for the longest playoff game ever. Lucky us.) 
 Sunday started out rather early, as I drove down to Charlottesville to meet a friend to go apple picking.  We went to Carter's Orchard and the weather was gorgeous!  There weren't too many apples, but we finally found a few further down the hill.
 They also had pumpkins and apple cider doughnuts.  I bought a half dozen doughnuts home to share with the husband.  As of Wednesday, there is only one surviving doughnut.  I was also excited that there were pumpkins, and picked out a small one to bring home.  Most of all though, it was really important that I was able to visit with my friend.
Then I drove home in time to visit other friends of ours who just had a baby. It was great to see them and to meet their son.  I made veggie chili, corn bread, pumpkin pie bars, and then we picked up some Korean chicken (that is always the star of the meal). I also made some cinnamon muffins for later and brought over an orchid.  I probably got a little over-excited, but I think being a new parent is hard, so we were trying to do something nice! All in all, it was a fun time.  It's already time to start thinking about this upcoming weekend now!  How have you been? 


MCW said...

So fun you were at the game! Such a heartbreaker...I was at a bar in DC watching it thinking,that the people in the stands looks cold!

WorthyStyle said...

Those doughnuts at Carter's Mountain are super famous. I wish I could still eat them, but I definitely share them with friends and family when they are in town!

And go y'all for getting your monies worth at the Nat's game. Go O's? :D