Weekend Recap: A Trip to Mount Vernon

The weather this weekend was absolutely gorgeous, so after the husband finished up a bit of work and I tidied up the apartment, we decided to take a quick drive to Mount Vernon.  The husband had never been there, and they were having a "Fall Harvest Family Day," so we thought it would be fun to check out.  It was definitely a great pick!  We decided to buy annual passes, since it wasn't that much more money, and now I can't wait to go back for Christmas.  Growing up, my mom used to take us to Colonial Williamsburg all the time, and I think it has instilled in me a love of the colonial era.
Once we got there, the husband patiently walked through the gardens with me.
Since it was harvest day, you could roast apples and then dip them in the "honey pot."  Of course, we checked that out.
They also had musicians playing colonial music, and you could listen sitting on bales of hay.
The husband got really excited when he saw the sheep. 
The fall festival had so many fun activities for kids to enjoy with a hay ride, maze, and the opportunity to make corn husk dolls. It was a great little trip to really enjoy the fall weather, and I'm excited that we can go back now throughout the year!  How was your weekend?


Elle Sees said...

ooh i love fall festivals and shoot, anything fall-themed! honey pot sounds interesting!

P*P*P said...

how fun! if my husband had been in town we totally would have checked this out too!!