Five for Friday: Already thinking about Christmas Gifts!

Can I confess that I'm already thinking about Christmas?   Part of my job at work is to help plan our holiday party, and I've been busy working on that lately, so that may be part of the reason.  But another big part is that retailers seem to have put out their holiday wares out. This past weekend I got to see my sister (yay!), and we went shopping.  Even though we weren't planning on it, we ended up getting some great Christmas gifts. It was a great time to shop because we just happened to run into perfect gifts, but the stores weren't too crazy yet (probably because it's insanely earlier to start thinking about the holidays). I didn't feel bad shopping so early because I made sure to get gift receipts, so no one is stuck with an unwanted gift. Plus, if I change my mind and end up seeing something better I can always return it, but the things I got last weekend I'm really excited about giving!

We found these gloves for my sister-in-law at TJ Maxx.  We checked with my brother, and he confirmed that she would like them, so we think we have a winner.  We were the crazy people taking photos of different options at the jewelry counter and then texting them to him.
 I saw Ina Garten's newest cookbook, which I've heard good things about.  One of my good friends really likes her, and I've given her a lot of Ina's books over the years (and I know she really enjoys them), so it seems like almost a tradition that I should get this for her.
I was also the crazy candle lady with these Woodwick candles.  They smell great and my sister's boyfriend likes them, so I picked up one for him and one for my mom.
Perhaps what I'm most excited about is this ornament we found for the husband's grandma.  She went to Ireland in September and toured the Waterford factory, so I really think she will like this.
We also went to the the Gap Outlet, and I found these baby clothes for my friend's new baby.  I'm hoping I can pair this with a donation to his college fund, but at least this is a fun start.
I love the little dog print!
He's not crawling yet, but I thought it was so cute.
Is anybody else doing any early holiday shopping?  I really wasn't planning to, but we kept finding such great things!  To the husband's chagrin, it was one of the most successful shopping trips I've had in awhile.


WorthyStyle said...

I have a hidden Pinterest board I use to pin ideas as I browse online. It keeps them all in one place and then I can also add the price it was when I added so if I am out shopping I can compare prices! I also add the recipient's name so I don't forget who I was thinking of when I added it. It is really a lifesaver and takes up no space (and cannot be found, too).

Elle Sees said...

i am clapping since you are far ahead than me when it comes to shopping!