Five for Friday!

I've definitely been uninspired lately, which is why the blogging has slowed down, but here is my five for Friday attempt!

1. The husband and I just started watching The Blacklist.  While it's over the top and some things are unrealistic, I still really enjoy the show.
2. During my lunch break, I've really been trying to step away from my desk and go on a short walk.  Even though it is getting colder, I love looking at the leaves!
3.  I have given up diet soda!  I'm not sure it it is a permanent change yet, but I've officially gone three weeks without it.  I've taken up drinking one cup of coffee a day instead, and I actually enjoy that ritual.
4. Thanksgiving will be here in just a few short weeks!  I can't wait to see my family, and I'm looking forward to some pumpkin pie!
5. I may have already started listening to a little Christmas music.  I was interested in trying out this Downton Abbey streaming!

I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend, because the next few weeks will be busy.  What's on your agenda?

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