My Favorite Things: Stocking Stuffers!

Today I'm linking back up with EliseKatie, April, and Zelle to discuss stocking stuffers!  To be honest, we don't do too many stocking stuffers.  Every year, the poor husband gets stuck with beef jerky and M & Ms.  Sometimes I throw in some socks and boxers just to mix it up. And that is pretty much all of his Christmas gifts. I'm hoping that I can get some good ideas from this series, because I definitely need them!

Some fun picks that I have used in the past include...

1. Quirky ornaments that fit the person's interests.  For example, I saw this little coffee mug ornament at Starbucks the other day, and I think it would be so cute to give with a Starbucks gift card.
2. Specialty food items - Even though I do this a lot, I really do think that buying a special treat that the person would not buy on his or her own, is always nice.
3. Maybe it's just me, but I love cute stationery and office supplies.
4. Little luxuries like fancy lotions, candles, nail polish a nice pair of gloves, etc. I think they are always thoughtful picks.  This little tray is so cute!
What are your favorite little picks?


BLovedBoston said...

Stationary is always a good idea and you even gave me a few ideas for my sister and mom!! Thanks girl!

rachel said...

I love that tray!!!

Elle Sees said...

a little treat that the person wouldn't get for herself!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

My family is huge into ornaments (in fact, I already have enough to fill a large tree on my own, haha!). It is so fun when you find one that perfectly fits someone's personality!