Christmas Day Recap!

As I mentioned, this Christmas the husband and I spent as just the two of us because I was still sick.  While I was still under the weather, I was finally starting to feel a little bit better, so that was a huge blessing.

We woke up pretty late on Christmas morning, but the husband made some cinnamon rolls!  I decided to use our holiday plates that we got last year, so that made it feel especially festive.
We then opened up gifts!  I had bought a few things from the husband online, and this year, I was excited that he actually liked most of the things I bought.  J.Crew Factory and J.Crew ran some pretty good deals this season, and I bought him these two ties, two of these shirts, a sweater and a tech cloth (which I felt silly about giving, but oddly was appreciated).  I also bought him a belt and shoe horns (a practical but appreciated gift).  While not under our tree on Christmas day, I bought him a Virginia Tech scarf and gnome ornament. Compared to the past few years, I think I did a little bit better than usual.

Since it was just the two of us, the husband got me a few more stocking stuffers, and he gave me two of these cute dishes from C.Wonder.
To take some of the pressure off the husband, I always do a little shopping for myself, so I got two cute sweaters from Old Navy and a new hat and scarf.  I also found these two books on sale from Anthropologie, so they were a special treat.
That afternoon, I was feeling better, so we decided to venture out to see the National Christmas Tree!  It was a nice little outing.
You can really get a nice view of the White House.
Later that evening we made Christmas dinner.  The husband made a glaze for the ham, and he was pretty pleased with how it turned out.  He also made the green bean casserole, and I made mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.We used our china and champagne glasses, so it all felt special.

We're hoping to celebrate with our families soon, but it was really nice to have the time together as a couple to reflect on the meaning of Christmas.  How was your holiday?

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