My Favorite Things: Gifts for Friends and Family!

Today I'm linking back up with EliseKatie, April, and Zelle to discuss gifts for friends and family! As much as I love Christmas, I must confess that I get a little bit overwhelmed with the gift buying process.   It just seems like every year I'm so inefficient with holiday shopping and can never think of the "perfect" gift. So with that said, these ideas are far from perfect, but here they are!

For my friend who just went back to work after having her baby, I plan on giving her a framed picture of her son for her desk at work.
For another friend who loves to cook, I'm giving her Ina's newest cookbook and some Christmas themed measuring cups and spoons that I picked up from Pier 1. Another idea I had for her was a subscription to Blue Apron, but that ends up getting pretty pricey.
While certainly not revolutionary, we are giving the husband's aunt a monogrammed cup and some nice tea, paired with a gift certificate. I love C. Wonder and Kate Spade's monogrammed cups.
As you can see, I'm still trying to figure out the gifts for the guys, so I'm hoping to get some inspiration!


P!nky said...

A cook book and a mug with tea are both great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Melissa Blake said...

i loooove those monogrammed cups! Such a fun and personal gift idea!

Elle Sees said...

give me all the mugs, basically! such great ideas.