Thanksgiving Recap!

I hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving. We enjoyed spending time with our families, and just relaxing.  We're definitely feeling the Christmas spirit, so the husband put together a gingerbread house on Wednesday (I was feeling under the weather and just supervised).
It was a fun kit from Trader Joe's, and I think it turned out pretty cute.
We went over to my brother's and SIL for Thanksgiving, and they seemed to like their wreath.
My mom stuck their card in it, because she thought it was so cute.
A feast was prepared!
Afterwards, we took lots of pictures by the tree, and then I helped my mom order her Christmas card.
The husband then headed out to see his parents, and I enjoyed two more days visiting with my sister.  It was great to have such a long time to hang out with my family, but now it's back to reality!  How was your holiday?

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