Merry Christmas!

I hope that your holidays are filled with comfort and joy.  I am so thankful for this little space on the web and for each of you, dear readers.  Have a wonderful Christmas!

Our Second Month with Sarah Catherine!

I feel like so much has happened in this last month with Sarah Catherine, and we are really growing a lot as parents.  Sarah Catherine and I have gone on a few little road trips together with just the two of us and also with the husband, which was fun. We are also getting comfortable just having a routine at home.
Sleep:  The second month was really good for sleep.  For the most part, SC sleeps for one long stretch at night.  While she did get off schedule one night when her grandparents came to town and held her all day long, as long as we don't let her sleep for long stretches during the day, it's not an issue.  We will see what the third month brings though!
Feedings:  I'm happy that the pumping is going a lot better.  While I  have to wake up in the middle of the night to pump and occasionally have an issue, things have exponentially improved. My other pump broke at the end of the first month, and the new replacement pump has made a world of difference.  The rewarding thing is that for the past few weeks we haven't had to supplement with formula and I was even able to freeze a little.  I know this will always be a challenge, but I'm excited to have accomplished two months!
Likes: She loves being held, napping in our laps and her pacifier.  She's also getting more alert and really enjoys her mobile.
Dislikes: She's gotten better about bath time and diaper changes, but she doesn't enjoy either of these activities.  She does well in the car, but hates when we are stopped, so getting stuck in traffic is fun.
Clothes:  She officially fits in the 0-3 month clothes now and we are also putting her in 3 month clothes.  All of the newborn clothes have been packed away and are in storage now.  I can't believe how quickly time goes!

Weekend Recap: The Weekend before Christmas!

This was a really nice weekend!  My parents came up on Friday to watch SC, and the husband and I enjoyed our first night out.  It was so relaxing and fun to get dressed up!
The venue was gorgeous, and the flowers were so pretty and wintery.
Saturday morning, we had a wonderful visit with my parents and then I was able to take a nap, which is always a treat. That afternoon we hung out in the apartment with SC, and then I took a trip to Target for groceries and last minute Christmas gifts. I had ran out of wrapping paper, so I used that as an excuse to buy a roll of Sugar Paper's for Target line.  It was pretty picked over, which made me bummed that I didn't just buy a few things at the beginning of the season, but at least I was able to buy one roll.  I also love these little tags that I bought from Michael's awhile ago.
Sunday I finished my Christmas wrapping, cooked and tidied up the apartment.  The husband's mom is coming up to visit on Wednesday, so I wanted to get things as organized as possible.  It's so much easier to get things done with the husband is around to help with SC.  How was your weekend?  I still can't believe Christmas is this Friday!

Five for Friday: Preparations for Christmas!

Well, just one more week before Christmas!  I'm really enjoying the holiday season with Sarah Catherine and am so happy to celebrate the holidays with our little family of three for the first time.  Here are my five for Friday as we enjoy the holiday season!

First, my Shutterfly albums that we are giving for Christmas presents arrived, and I am so pleased with the quality of the photos. They really do capture some beautiful first moments and make me so thankful that we bought a camera before her arrival.  I know that the grandparents are going to be particularly excited about them, although Sarah Catherine has such a doting uncle and aunts that I think they are going to really like them too.
Second, the husband picked up this little onesie for SC last Sunday when he was grocery shopping. He never buys clothes, so I thought it was pretty funny and sweet.
Third, I've been buying a few sweaters for myself lately and got some nice ones at the Loft.  I am going to hold off on buying anything more for a little while, but isn't this bow sweater cute from Ann Taylor?
Fourth, early morning and late night pumping and feeding sessions feel so much more festive in front of the Christmas tree. On another note, I recently discovered the app Waterlogue which makes your photos into watercolors.  I realize this app has been around for years, but I'm not exactly on the cutting edge.  I had a field day last night converting pictures into watercolors. 
Finally, my parents are coming up to visit and take care of SC tonight so the husband and I can go to his holiday party.  I'm looking forward to my first night out since SC was born and plan on wearing this dress.
 How are your Christmas celebrations coming along?  It's such a busy time of year, but definitely festive!

Williamsburg at Christmas Time!

As I mentioned, Sarah Catherine and I took a quick trip to Colonial Williamsburg with my family. As a child, my mom would bring us down there frequently, and I have so many good memories from our time there. It was neat to bring SC on her first trip there and exciting to see all of the Christmas finery! While there, we saw a demonstration about how they make all the arrangements, and it was very interesting.  There are definitely a lot of  talented people working to decorate the town!

 Here are a few more photos, from our walk down Duke of Glouchester.
 It was a wonderful little visit and a fun way to get into the holiday spirit! I can't believe Christmas is next week!

Weekend Recap!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  Ours was really low key, which was nice.  On Friday night the husband came back from a business trip and I came back from a quick visit to my parents.  It was great to be home again!  That evening we just relaxed and the husband's godparents stopped by as they were in town and met Sarah Catherine.

On Saturday, the husband had work in the morning, so SC and I spent the morning together and I actually finished our Christmas cards!
That afternoon SC decided to take a little nap, so we were all able to get a nap in.  The husband then watched SC for awhile so I could get a break.  I decided to walk up to the Loft and Whole Foods, and I enjoyed getting away for a few minutes.

On Sunday, SC really wanted to be held for most of the day, so I just tidied up the apartment and then had a nice visit with a friend. Now we are down at Colonial Williamsburg, and I can't wait to see all the Christmas decorations. How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: It's beginning to look like Christmas!

While this weekend was low-key, we got a few things done that I had been hoping to accomplish for some time.  The husband's dad came to visit Sarah Catherine for the first time, and it was great to see the two of them together. Also, having an extra pair of hands is always appreciated.

One thing that I had pretty much given up on was getting a holiday card together.  However, the husband's dad is good at taking photos, so with one squirmy and fussy subject and a patient husband, we took our first family Christmas photo.

I was pretty overwhelmed picking out a design, but this is the card that we ended up going with. Finding a card that works with the pictures we took, and that the husband and I both like is always a challenge, so we ended up with a pretty simple one.  I like the polka dots though, and I am so excited that we are actually going to have a Christmas card this year!
The husband's dad also got a few other photos of us, and I like this one with the Santa hats, although it's not a great one of SC.
Of course afterwards, I had to get a few photos of just SC.
We also got our Christmas tree put up, and I even got a few presents wrapped.  There is still a bit to do, but it's definitely starting to feel like Christmas around here! 

Scenes from Thanksgiving and the Boar's Head Inn!

This is a very belated Thanksgiving recap, but we put some pictures on the "good" camera which created a hurdle. Thanksgiving was wonderful. My sister-in-law and brother hosted, and they put together quite a spread. SC slept through all of the festivities, as she was tuckered out from being held continuously by all the family members. It is a tough life.

We also took a quick trip to Charlottesville and stayed at the Boar's Head Inn. It was quite a different trip than last year! I loved that it was all decorated, because I am still trying to get our Christmas tree up.

What have you been up to lately now that the holidays are here?

Five for Friday!

This week has been the first one where I've been on my own with care for Sarah Catherine, and I've enjoyed it!  It definitely takes me longer to get out the door, but I think I'm starting to get more comfortable with everything. I am definitely focused on all things baby, but here are my five for Friday!
First, I bought this dress from the Loft to wear during the holidays.  I love how it is comfortable, but still dressy.
Second, are these thank you notes that I was able to get in the mail.  I've been pretty good at keeping up with them, but it is always a relief to get them sent out.
Third, I met up for lunch with one of my friends on Thursday.  It was great to see her and talk about our babies!
Here is SC all ready to go!
Fourth, I finally got around to giving myself a pedicure, and I was happy to try some more fall inspired shades.
Five, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas.  Our tree may be going up in the next few days.  I think the time to wear a pink sparkly Santa hat is almost upon us!
What are your weekend plans?  My husband will be going to the VA Tech game this weekend so my parents are coming up to visit.  I'm looking forward to lots of time with Sarah Catherine and beginning the holiday decorating!

Sarah Catherine: One Month Update!

I have to say that time has gone by much faster compared to waiting for Sarah Catherine's arrival!  We had her one month appointment today and she weighed in at 9 pounds 2 ounces and 22.25 inches tall. Apparently she has grown two inches since she was born!
Sleep: SC gives us some decent stretches at night, which I am thankful for.  She will usually sleep from 1:30 am to 5:00am and then from 6:00am-9:00am.  Of course, it varies, but I am thankful that she has given us that much sleep in the first month. I probably jinxed myself now that I wrote that down!
Feedings: To be honest, feelings have been a challenge from my end.  I have been pumping consistently every two hours during the day and every three at night, but it has been hard to keep up with her.  I have tried fenugreek and made some lactation cookies to help with my supply, but things still aren't working as well as I would like and we had to start supplementing with about 4 oz of formula a day. Now, I think that I'm having difficulty with the it's always something.  While I am a bit frustrated by the process, I am thankful that she is eating well.
Likes: She loves being held and does a great job napping on your lap. She is also a great eater and when she is ready to eat, we better be ready! She also calms down when her dad sings to her. Her favorite is the Star Spangled Banner...I think she gets scared!
Dislikes: SC isn't a huge fan of diaper changes or bath time. I think it is because both of these activities mean that she isn't warm and cuddly.

Clothes: I was convinced when SC was born that she wouldn't be in newborn clothes very long, but they still fit her. I am looking forward to when she can wear the 0-3 months, because we have a lot more outfit options. For now, we are just keeping the same few sleeper outfits and onesies in rotation, and that has worked well.  The 0-3 months are still comically large on her, so I am trying to enjoy this time when she is so little. It will be fleeting enough, I know!
It is truly amazing how our life has changed in the month.  What an honor and blessing to be a parent!

A Quick Trip to the Washington Monuments!

On Wednesday it was one of those rare days in November where it is warm in the afternoon, but the fall foliage was still on full display. The husband and I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to take Sarah Catherine into the city to see the monuments.  I am not very sure if she was impressed, but we enjoyed getting out and about!

The leaves were in full splendor.
We stopped by the World War II memorial.
We also walked by the pond and saw the ducks and the Washington Monument.
Towards the end she started to get hungry so we stopped to feed her and enjoyed the view.
Even though it was a simple little outing, we felt incredibly fortunate to have this time to enjoy this beautiful weather together.

Life Lately: Thinking about Christmas and Thanksgiving!

I have to admit that I am not getting too much done lately that isn't related to diaper changes and feedings, but here are a few things that aren't related to that.

First, I am so excited for Christmas, particularly celebrating the holiday with Sarah Catherine.  I went ahead and bought her a few holiday outfits, and I'm hoping we can take a family picture for our Christmas card over Thanksgiving.

We are also excited to pick out her stocking!  So far, we are thinking about this one  (it is harder than you would think to get one that the husband and I both agree on).
After not buying clothes for a few months, I've definitely been doing my share of online browsing. My sister generously gave me a gift card to the Gap/Old Navy, and I decided to buy some sweaters.  I am looking forward to seeing how they fit because I love fair isle.

I was also really excited because I got our birth announcements sent out. I went with this design from Tiny Prints, and I think they turned out well.
What has been catching your eye lately?  Is anybody else thinking about Christmas already? I promise that I'm really excited about Thanksgiving too!  Sarah Catherine already has her turkey outfit lined up.