Planning a Parisian Inspired Birthday Party!

About a week or so ago, my friend mentioned that she was still trying to figure out what to do for her upcoming birthday.  I love parties, so I offered to throw one, and I'm excited that she accepted!  She wants the theme to be Paris, so I'm thinking that there will be lots of champagne (aka sparkling wine) and macarons.  I was surprised that Pinterest didn't actually provide too much inspiration, as everything seems too over the top or pink/for a 13 year old girl.  I wanted something that wasn't pink, so we are going with black and white as the theme colors. I would love to do a fancy dinner with something like this, but the husband and I don't even own a kitchen table, much less a dining room table. So no fancy dinners for us anytime soon.
Via, Yes, this isn't happening anytime soon.
Plus, I just don't think that really fits the mood (at least that's what I'm telling myself), so I'm hoping it will be more of a fun, casual cocktail party. About the only thing I can replicate from the photos above is the black and white color scheme, so that's what I'm going to try to do.   Both of our husband's will be coming (yay!) and they have big plans to emphasize the casual part of this event, so who knows if this party will have any essence of France or Paris by the time it happens.  I'm thinking maybe not, and that's okay too.

It will just be a small party, and I plan on keeping the food very simple with something along the lines of a cheese plate, fruit, mini quiches, french onion dip, eclairs, and macarons.  To be completely honest, I plan on exploring Trader Joe's frozen food section and hoping for the best. My inspiration is along these lines.
For decor, I made a happy birthday banner in French, and a little "Bonjour" sign on our door.  I'm also hoping to sprinkle some small arrangements of flowers around the apartment.

I couldn't resist some inexpensive party favors, when I found these bags from Forever 21. At just a little more than a dollar, I am in love.  I know they aren't necessary, but I adore stuff like this. 
So that's how the party planning is going!  Have you ever hosted a French-themed party?  We did one a few years ago for my friend's bridal shower, so I feel they are pretty common, but it's always fun to put your own twist on it!

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saw said...

Your friend is lucky to have you as a party planner. Looking forward to seeing pictures later! Have fun!!!