I'm always hesitant to set up a list of resolutions, because it seems that I always fall short of my goals.  However, one of the things that is kind of neat is that through this blog I am able to look back and see that I've at least made some progress towards some of the things I would like to accomplish.  I am keeping this year really simple and my goal is to walk for thirty minutes each day.   The husband also  tolerated my nonsense and we have decided that we are going to make it a priority to go to church at least 12 times.  I know this doesn't sound like a lot, but it's a start and also realistic. What are your goals for this 2015?  It's pretty interesting to think about how much can happen in a year!


Elle Sees said...

i like realistic goals. i'm doing small tiny ones each month.

MCW said...

I said to the boy on NY day that I wanted to start going to church again. I don't think he was thrilled with the idea, but is willing to give it a shot!