Small Changes to Brighten and Organize our Home!

Like seemingly everyone else, I find myself really wanting to spruce up the apartment in January.  A few weekends ago, the husband and I did some purging of things that we don't need anymore, but I find that the apartment is still feeling a bit stifling.  While the husband is away for these next two weeks, I'm hoping to take the time to organize and see if I can pare down my things a bit more.

One area that I'm really struggling with is our bedroom closet.  We're lucky because it's relatively big, but it has to store a lot of things (luggage, toiletries, extra blankets, our hamper, and our actual clothes and shoes).  While everything fits, it doesn't have a door, so now my focus is on trying to make it look nice.

A little thing that I think might  help is a tie organizer.  Currently, the husband's ties are just hanging on a hanger and we hope for the best.  I think this would definitely be a big improvement.
My jewelry is pretty organized, but I decided to add this tray to the mix. 
One little thing I've done this month is re-arrange my nightstand (and also recycle all the old magazines I had squirreled away).  My FIL gave me this cute vase for Christmas, and I love how it adds a little bit of color.
Another pick-me-up is always fresh flowers.  I replaced our dead orchid with a new one, and it's amazing how it changes the feel of our bedroom. 
So those are just a few small changes that make me feel better about our home.  What do you like to do to freshen up your space?


Elle Sees said...

i like to rearrange my stuff to make it look fresh! :)

MCW said...

RJ needs that tie organizer. The thins is, I know if I got it he wouldn't even use it without me being there and telling him too!

P*P*P said...

I'm doing the same thing....trying to purge a bunch of things we don't need. Our tiny closets make me anxious, but I can't stop shopping either! HA!! Here's to hoping we can all come up with solutions to our organization. I tried the tie holder for my husband's tie collection...and he still throws them over a regular hanger. Humpf.