Weekend Recap: Ice Skating and Peanut Soup!

Happy Tuesday!  I was fortunate enough to get yesterday off, and I certainly enjoyed the extra time. We had a quiet weekend, which was what we both needed, since the husband will be traveling abroad soon for a few weeks.  It was nice to get the usual chores done around the house, as well as a few extra.  I was excited on Monday afternoon to drop three bags of things off to Goodwill.  It always makes me feel a little lighter.  The husband also worked on our taxes and went through all of our important papers, so we were definitely able to make some progress on things that need to get taken care of eventually.

We went ice skating on Saturday night, which I'm always scared about doing, but then really enjoy it once we're there.  I'm proud that I didn't fall, and more importantly, I didn't cling to the wall!  Afterwards we enjoyed some hot chocolate and then took some photos while they were refreshing the ice. 
On Monday, I made peanut soup!  I had it at the Boar's Head Inn back in December, and I couldn't stop thinking about how I really wanted to try making it.  While it's not terribly healthy, I decided to just go for it.  I was thrilled that it turned out. I froze it in batches because it makes a lot of soup, so I will have that to look forward to.

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MCW said...

I have been freezing soup once a week too! Peanut soup sounds so good. Recently I made pea soup and minestrone (with no noodles!)