Weekend Recap!

This past weekend was the perfect mix of productivity with lots of downtime.  On Saturday, I tackled grocery shopping and finally got a package mailed to my parents.  That evening the husband went to go watch "the game" and I went to go visit one of my friends and her baby.  It's so exciting to see her son; every time I see her he has grown a little bit more and can do more things. 

Sunday afternoon, I finished all of my returns from Christmas, and that is a huge relief.  I did buy a few things at Banana Republic while doing returns (always a hazard).  I couldn't resist this tank for only $5.  I plan on wearing it with shorts and skirts in the spring and summer.
I also couldn't resist this shirt, which was marked down to $7.  It's not super flattering because of my tummy, but the material is really soft.  I plan on wearing it a lot around the house at the end of January while the husband is traveling for work.
It seemed like Williams-Sonoma also had a lot of things on clearance, so I stopped by and stocked up on pumpkin butter.  I'm obsessed with this stuff, and I hope that WS never stops making it.

I also bought two candles and a few sets of their winter "essential oils."
 Sunday night we watched Downton Abbey.  I have to admit that I'm not as excited by this season, but it's still fun.  How was your weekend? 

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Alexandra Bee Blog said...

I almost bought that tank in cream a few weeks ago and wish I had!! It was so chic, but also would be a staple piece!