Weekend Recap

A part of me was hoping for a snow delay this morning, but it seems that the D.C. area is going to miss it. This weekend was low-key, as the husband had to leave early on Sunday morning for a business trip.  Saturday was spent packing and running errands, with a date night at our favorite Thai restaurant.  When the husband woke up to leave on Sunday, I saw this pretty sunrise.
Later on Sunday, I went to visit one of my friend's for her birthday.  We went out to lunch and then hung out in the afternoon with her adorable baby. I spent the rest of Sunday evening tidying up the apartment, getting ready for the week, running errands, and watching Scandal.  Certainly not the most thrilling weekend, but sometimes the small moments are the most meaningful.  How was your weekend?

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MCW said...

I was hoping for a snow delay too! Oh well...
Saturday RJ and I went to dinner with my parents at Toscana by Union Station, casual, no frills and great food! Highly recommend!