A Few Necklaces from Forever 21

On Monday,  Forever 21 offered free shipping, so I decided to buy the necklace that I have had my eye on.  It drives the husband crazy, but I love some of their accessories.

I decided to buy a necklace for a coworker's birthday who has admired my elephant necklace in the past. 
I didn't buy this set of necklaces, but I think they are very nice.  I'd be interested to see how they look in real life. It's a set, so each necklace actually costs less than a dollar!
I also thought this paper airplane necklace is so whimsical.
In the meantime, I'm looking forward for my little trinket to arrive in the mail!

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Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

I love me some F21! Love these finds! xx