A Little Valentine's Day Package!

This year I decided to send a little Valentine's Day package to my sister, sister-in-law and two good friends who don't live nearby. I found these little pouches from Forever 21 and I also picked up some jewelry that I thought was fun.  It wouldn't be a complete without a sweet treat, so I added some Kind bars or a candy bar.
Overall, I thought they turned out pretty cute!  Here they were all ready to be mailed out.
Do you do little things for Valentine's Day?  I find that the winter months get me down a bit, so it makes me happy to celebrate the holiday. I find that a little pink adds a lot of cheer!

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P*P*P said...

Love your little treats! I sent little gifts to my mom and sister...they are pink soap sets and I wrote a note that says... "I was soapin' you'd be my Valentine!"