Life Lately

I've been quiet on the blog for the last week, because things have been a little busier than usual at work and I've also been spending a decent amount of my weekends pretending/actually working on my grad class.  I'm excited that March is here!  Winter should be over soon and Easter will be here before we know it. 

To combat the winter blues, I bought flowers last week.  They promptly died the next day.  I'm not sure what type of omen that is; I guess the flowers can't even take this cold.
I saw this card at World Market.  Originally, I was going to send it to my sister, but when I got home I realized I've already sent it to her once.  At least I know my taste is consistent!
Target has a few new spring things out, and I picked up some new kitchen towels.  It seems silly, but they freshen up the space a bit.
Finally, after reading Alexandra Bee's blog and being reminded at how cute these little bunny place cards are, I bought them at Target.  They are an early birthday gift from the husband.  We're having my family up for Easter brunch, and I can't wait to use them as place cards to label the food.  I already have quite an arsenal of Easter decor, considering the space in our apartment.
How have you been?  With March here I feel spring will follow in just a few weeks!


MCW said...

I don't do a lot of seasonal decorating (but for Christmas) but I always change our my tea towels. Now, I think I need some new spring ones!

WorthyStyle said...

Looking forward to hearing what you have planned for your Easter brunch menu!

P*P*P said...

Love those bunny place card holders...I may have to go pick those up for a baby shower I am hosting this spring...they will go perfectly will my Peter Rabbit theme!