Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  I find that the first workday of "springing forward" is always a little tough. This weekend was a good combination of getting work done, relaxing and socializing.  On Saturday, we ran errands and I caught up on some chores around the house.  I also decided to start eating chicken!  After 11 years, I'm no longer a vegetarian, which is kind of crazy to me.  Awhile ago I decided to stop eating so much soy in my diet, which meant that getting protein wasn't very tasty anymore.  The husband also wouldn't stop raving about this Chick Fil a sandwich, so that was that.
I also got about 200 pages read for my grad class and a good start on my paper, which made me feel a lot better. On Sunday, the husband and I made it to church (always an accomplishment).  That evening we went over to a friend's house for dinner and watched Hunger Games 3.  We also got to see their cute baby who has grown so much.  We brought fruit and Bon Chon chicken, which the husband is obsessed with.  And of course some spring flowers.

Isn't it exciting that the weather is finally getting nicer?  How was your weekend?


P*P*P said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Yay for chicken. ;) Chick-fil-a is pretty awesome, I can't deny it. :) :)

MCW said...

Chicken is a good thing to add! My sister is a vegetarian and says the only thing she ever craves are hot dogs. In fact, I think when she was pregnant with both boys she had at least one.

Elle Sees said...

it's bright and sunny here. loving the weather!