Easter Weekend Recap!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  Ours was really nice, as my sister flew up to visit for the Easter weekend and my parents came up too.  I had to work pretty late on Friday night, so on Saturday morning I quickly tidied up the apartment and then my sister arrived!  We hung out for a little while and then made a quick trip to the grocery store to get supplies for Saturday's dinner and Sunday's brunch.  We kept things really easy and picked up Chick fil a for everyone for Saturday's lunch. We got back just in time with the groceries as my parents arrived!

My sister was really sweet and she bought me this beautiful tulip arrangement while we were out and about.
My mom also brought flowers, so it definitely was feeling festive!
 We enjoyed visiting and for dinner that night I made salmon, asparagus and mashed potatoes.  Things have been pretty busy with work lately (hence the lack of posting), so I was really thankful that we kept things easy.  On Sunday, my sister and I also kept things simple, and we made waffles, the Pioneer Woman's Orange Vanilla fruit salad and some mini quiches.  The menu was almost identical to last year's, but for some reason felt easier.   I loved using my little bunny place holders.

 We really had a nice time just being together.
While I was sad to see everyone leave, I was really thankful that we could have such a great visit!  How was your weekend?


P*P*P said...

Looks like so much fun -- and your food spread looked delicious too! So sad when holiday weekends with family come to an end, no?

Amanda Klein said...

Happy Easter! Loving all those cute details!