Five for Friday!

To be honest, this week has been a bit of a blur, but here are my Five for Friday!
 One, my mom sent me this card and I find it absolutely hilarious.  I was having a bit of a time when she sent it, and this card really made me smile.
Second, we have had some rainy days, but I'm starting to see signs of spring!
Third, tomorrow the husband and I are going to a friend's wedding. The husband's been working so late this week, that I haven't really seen him, so I'm especially looking forward to this!

Fourth, while most of this weekend is going to be spent working on a project for my grad class,  I'd like to freshen up our decor a bit for spring.  Isn't this print lovely?  So perfect for right now with the cherry blossoms making their debut.
 Fifth is happy Friday!  I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Emily Powell said...

signs of spring make the rain worth it :)

Mrs. W said...

Rain will hopefully bring some May flowers. I think you've sent the rain down to GA. Have a great weekend!

saw said...

This week has definitely been a blur, too! So happy Friday!!!!! :) Only a couple more hours before the weekend!

Dina Gideon said...

We have a calender with the DC cherry blossoms print in it. The month they used it with was April, so perfect! I kept that calender specifically for that print...I think we may frame it one day!

Have a great weekend!

MCW said...

Haha! That card is hysterical!!!! I love it.