Five for Friday!

This week has been a relatively productive one for the first week of May, as I've been trying to get lots done at work, but I have to admit I'm dragging.  Hopefully the weekend will change that!
When I checked the mail this week, I was very excited to see this adorable card from my sister.  I have to say that snail mail just makes my day!
Second, one of my co-workers got married this week, so a few of my colleagues and I organized a toast with champagne and cupcakes!  I think it turned out well, and it was so great to celebrate with the happy couple.
Third, I mentioned it has been a long week, so when I came home on Tuesday night and found the husband had actually made it home at a decent hour, plus tidied up the apartment, that pretty much made my week right there!

Fourth, I started to work on the paperwork for renewing my teacher's license last weekend, and I think I've finally gotten everything together, so I'm looking forward to mailing that out today.   It's nice to get this checked off my list!

Fifth, I discovered an easy pre-made meal for the husband and I, which is always exciting.  Growing up, my mom would frequently make Stouffer's lasagna as a go-to meal.  When I was a vegetarian, obviously that didn't work, but last weekend I picked up a mini one and it was a great dinner for both the husband and me, plus we had leftovers that I used for lunch with a big salad.  Especially for when the baby comes, things like this are nice to have on hand.
So that's what's been going on in my quiet little life.  How have things been going with you lately?  I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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Life As You Live It said...

Champagne and cupcakes... sounds amazing! Have a wonderful weekend!