Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

I've been a bit behind, so while we were in San Francisco, I tried to use the extra time to start thinking about Mother's Day gifts.  We always keep things really simple for Mother's Day (see last year's gift here), but I wanted to make sure to do something that would make both of our moms feel special.

Since my MIL likes San Francisco a lot, I decided that she would enjoy a few local gifts. I picked up a vase from Heath Ceramics, some McEvoy olive oil, and these cute earrings at Jackson and Polk.  A few days earlier, I had also found this candle at Papyrus.  Even though they are just little tokens, I think it came together well.
My mom always insists that she doesn't need anything, but I can't help buying her just a little something.  While in San Francisco, I picked up these ginger snaps from Miette (they said they would stay good for up to three weeks!).  I was kind of at a loss for what else to get her, but then I saw this cup at Target and paired it with her favorite tea. It's definitely just a little something, but I hope it will brighten her day!
Even though we won't be celebrating together in person, I hope that these little packages will help our moms realize that we are thinking of them! What are your favorite gifts to give for Mother's Day?


Elle Sees said...

cute ideas! i haven't bought anything yet. slacker over here!

P*P*P said...

Love your gifts! They're so cute!! My mom is always so hard to buy for -- the woman who has everything! I bought her a new necklace (jewelry never hurts, right?) and a sweet book. My mother-in-law will be getting a gift as a nod to her soon becoming a grandmother. Hopefully they both love their gifts, I know your mom's will love what you got them!! :)