Pregnancy Update: Week 17 and 18

I did another two combining of the weeks so I can finally be on track next week.  It's funny because I really have felt differently these past two weeks.  During week 17 I felt pretty frazzled and absent-minded, partly because it's been so busy during work.  This week, it's still been pretty busy, but I feel more like myself.
How Far Along? 17 and 18 weeks

Size of Baby: A turnip

Nursery:  I organized one of my secret Pinterest boards of nursery inspiration into one for a boy and one for a girl.  It seems like a small thing, but I think some of my ideas are a little bit more organized. I've also spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about this crib.
And if money were no object and we were having a girl, I would campaign hard for this one from Pottery Barn.
Symptoms:  For some reason I've had slight headaches.  Things have been pretty busy at work, so I think it's just tension and can't blame Baby J. During week 18 I really think I'm starting to show.  I have a feeling that some maternity clothes will be making a debut pretty soon.

Cravings: During week 17 nothing has really sounded very appealing.  Of course I've still been eating, but it's been hard to get my protein in. This week everything has sounded pretty tasty and I'm back to my healthy appetite.

What I Miss: I'm just thankful that everything is going okay, but every afternoon I miss caffeine and I could definitely go for a glass of champagne.

Best Moment This Week:  Over the weekend, I started to look at things that we might need to register for more closely.  While it's still really early, it was nice to get a more organized list ready so I can run it by experienced friends and family for their thoughts. When I visited my friend this past weekend she gave me some helpful advice, which made me feel better.

Looking Forward To: The 20 week appointment and the gender reveal! I got the gender reveal invites sent out to our families this past week, so it feels like it's getting closer!


P*P*P said...

Love the cribs you picked out! It's really so exciting to think girl/boy....designing a nursery will be so much fun! Glad you're still feeling great!

MCW said...

Love that PB crib!!!! Throw it on your registry!!! You never know :)