Week 19!

I can't believe that I'm already at 19 weeks and soon to be 20.  Thank you for reading along.  Your sweet comments really do make my day!
How Far Along? 19 weeks

Size of Baby: An heirloom tomato
Nursery: As I'm outgrowing some of my summer clothes I'm packing them away to be put in storage and I also am parring down some of my shoes.  My goal is to clear out all of my things so that Baby J can have my half of the closet.

Symptoms:  I've felt really great this week, so I'm thankful for that. With my big work event this past week, I was really thankful that my body did not fail me!

Cravings: Watermelon, but that is probably because it is getting to be summer time.  My sister bought a big watermelon and I was pretty much in heaven.

What I Miss: I'm a little bummed that I can't celebrate my sister or husband's birthdays with a little champagne, but anything in a champagne glass always feels special.

Best Moment This Week:  Talking about the baby with my sister and starting to think more about the gender reveal party.  I can't wait to find out with everyone!

Looking Forward To: The 20 week appointment is this Tuesday and I'm just crossing my fingers that everything goes well!

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