Weekend Recap!

This weekend was relatively quiet, as I needed some time to re-group for a pretty busy week coming up ahead at work.  On Friday night the husband and I hung out and we enjoyed some sparkling cider on our balcony.  It was such a beautiful evening! 

Saturday I went to visit a friend and her baby.  It was really great to see her and she had lots of helpful advice about what you actually need for a baby.  I also got to see her son crawling, which was pretty exciting. 

Sunday was filled with lots of laundry and cleaning, but I did pick up these pretty flowers.

I was also excited that I was able to get this cooked up, so we could have an easy dinner for the first few nights of the week.  I also started thinking a little bit more about our gender reveal party in June, and I made a little sign that I will frame and also found some cute straws and dessert cups. Since we will just be celebrating with our immediate families, I'm keeping things really simple.
 In honor of  the elephant theme, I had to smile when I saw this card from my sister.
 How was your weekend?  Did you do anything special for Mother's Day?


MCW said...

I think I have said this before, but you are so great about sending snail mail! I need to get on board. Just think, you will have a baby next Mother's Day!

P*P*P said...

Sounds like a nice weekend! Totally relaxing...and those flowers are beautiful! Love that you're doing a little reveal in June...we're doing that too...just with our immediate families! Cannot wait to find out what we're having and I'm sure you're the same way!