What I've been reading lately...

For the past few months now, what I've been reading was curriculum for my class or baby books, but on our trip to San Francisco, I took a few novels with me. 

On my way there, I read Enrique's Journey.  It was interesting and I feel like I learned a little bit more about illegal immigrants, but truthfully, I found it a bit slow.  Originally, I had thought about using this book if I ever went back to teaching, but after reading it, I don't think it would work as well as I had hoped.
On the way home I read And the Mountains Echoed.  My MIL had given me a copy of this for Christmas, and what a great gift it was!  Maybe it is just hormones, but I found it to be  a moving novel and cried no less than three times while reading it. 
Of course, I'm still reading my fair share of baby books, and I also read The Happiest Baby on the Block while traveling.  I'm not sure if I buy completely into all of the theories put forth, but I do feel like I now have a few ideas about how to soothe a baby.  Since the husband and I are going into this pretty clueless, any advice we can get is helpful!
So that's what I read this past week. I'm thinking about reading All the Light we Cannot See next, but first I need to buy a copy of the book!

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MCW said...

And The Mountains Echoed was fantastic.

Check out An Untamed State...amazing.