Pregnancy Update: Week 24

How Far Along? 24 weeks

Size of Baby: An ear of corn

Nursery: Well, we have a dresser!  A friend also came and picked up quite a few things that we don't have a real need for and we took a few more things to my parents for storage, so we are slowly making a little bit of space. 

Symptoms: Feeling pretty good and hoping I can get things accomplished while I still have a little bit of energy.
Cravings: Nothing really, but I think I will always have my sweet tooth.

What I Miss: Definitely can't complain about anything this week. The second trimester is a sweet spot and I'm trying to enjoy it while I can.

Best Moment This Week:  Getting organizational projects and the dresser painted with the husband.  I'm starting to feel less overwhelmed and just excited about getting our space ready for her. It's really fun to plan for her with the husband and I'm just thankful for this time. I'm also really starting to feel her move around a lot more and it is so neat to me.  The 24 week appointment went great, and it makes me  thankful to know that everything is going well.

 Looking Forward To: Getting our apartment ready for her! 

Weekend Recap: A Little Getaway to the Beach!

This past weekend the husband and I took a little trip to the beach!  On Friday night we drove down to my parents' house after work and the traffic had settled down, as they are somewhat of a half way point.  On Saturday morning we had a nice visit with them and my brother and sister-in-law also came over.  Then it was time for the beach!  Except by the time we got there it was pretty rainy and not exactly the best beach day.  At first we were a little disappointed, but then we decided to take advantage of the time and check out some car seats and strollers at Babies R Us.  We were really lucky because this store was pretty big, so we had lots of options to try out.  I was relieved that we were able to find a car seat (Chicco Keyfit 30) and a stroller that works in our VW Beetle. Then we headed to dinner and then walked along the boardwalk with some ice cream.
Sunday was a gorgeous beach day and we enjoyed the sunshine and spent a decent amount of time in the water. Late that afternoon, we headed back and made a quick stop at the outlets for a pretzel break and I found a diaper bag. We took some back roads to avoid some traffic, and ended up stopping by our undergrad.  It was really fun to walk around and see some of our old spots.
All in all it was a great time!  How was your weekend?

Dresser Transformation: A Changing Table for Baby J!

I know I've talked about this a lot, but the husband and I are both pretty excited about our little dresser transformation.  I didn't get a before picture of the dresser while it was in the closet, but here is how it looked when we were using it in our bedroom.
There are lots of things wrong with this photo, but clearly this dresser wasn't exactly cheerful. However, it fits perfectly in our closet and was made by the husband's grandpa, so we wanted to make it work for Baby J's changing table.  I think we were both a little dubious about it, but a little bit of white and pink paint and the husband's hard work perked it up!
I wanted to make this little corner feel like Baby J's space, so I took a quick trip to Home Goods and stocked up on some wrapping paper.  I lined the drawers with some polka dot and quatrefoil designs.
I then decided to use a little bit of the wrapping paper as "wallpaper."  Even though it's not permanent, I thought it really completed the nook. The husband wants the space to look fun, so I went with an animal print that I think is pretty whimsical.
The great part is that if we get tired of the pattern, we can change it out easily.  Now we just need the changing pad!  This will probably be our only diy project for Baby J, so thanks for bearing with me.  I know I've talked a lot about this little dresser!

Pregnancy Update: 23 Weeks!

I got a teeny bit behind, but here is last week's pregnancy update.  The weeks are going by quickly!
How Far Along? 23 weeks

Size of Baby: A large mango

Nursery: Still just our closet, but we are thinking of painting the dresser which will serve as the changing table.  We will see if that actually comes to fruition.  Truthfully, we need to start moving on these projects soon!

Symptoms: I've been feeling pretty good, but  I have started to break out my maternity clothes.  I know I'm going to get tired of them soon, but they are substantially more comfortable and it's hot outside!
Cravings: Nothing really, but I've been enjoying my fair share of watermelon.

What I Miss: With long workdays this week, I haven't had much energy at all to do anything around the house.  I also really wish that I could paint the dresser myself, but I know the fumes aren't healthy. 

Best Moment This Week:  Baby J has started to move around a lot and it's so neat to know it is really her! With the visit with the husband's side of the family last weekend, it's definitely special to see how excited his dad and aunt are.  I loved baby shopping with his aunt and picking out material for Baby J's quilt.
 Looking Forward To: I'll have my 24 week doctor appointment next week, and I always appreciate the check up and making sure that everything is okay!  

Weekend Recap!

Well, this weekend was the productive one that we were hoping for, and I have to say that I'm super relieved!  While we didn't get everything done, we made substantial progress in making room for Baby J, which is really the most important first step. 

Space has been made in the kitchen cabinets for baby bottles and our entire desk has been cleared out. The husband worked a miracle and organized all of our electronics and media.  I think we're both really excited that we have more space but we that we are more organized and can find things easily.

As into our little organizing projects as we were on Saturday, we had our friend's wedding to go to that evening!  I have to say that it was absolutely gorgeous.  You can't tell from my poor photo taking abilities, but the flowers and table settings were stunning. 
It was a really fun time, as we were able to hang out with another couple from undergrad.  They have a 10 month old, and they are super kind and helpful about giving advice and reassurance.  As we were leaving, we enjoyed stopping by the photo booth for a quick momento.
 On Sunday, the husband tackled the dresser project!  While under normal circumstances it wouldn't be a very big deal, we are dealing with limited painting space on our balcony so it required a little maneuvering.  We still have to add some pulls, but I think it is coming right along. I can't wait to add some drawer liners and organize all of Baby J's little things. It was pretty hot here in D.C. on Sunday, so we also made sure to take a trip to the pool to cool off.

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything special for Father's Day?  I'm looking forward to seeing my dad this Friday and hoping to do a little celebration then. 

Five on Friday: Things We Need to Accomplish Soon!

Happy Friday everyone!  I'm so excited that the weekend is almost here and hoping that the husband and I can get some things done.  We haven't made very much progress in preparing for Baby J as I would like, and I'm kind of starting to panic.  Here are five things I'm hoping we can take care of in the next week or so.

1. Find a car seat that fits in our VW Beetle.  I've been reading different things online and it sounds like the Graco Snugride 35/40 or the Chicco Keyfit might work.  Since it's our primary car, I'm really nervous about the whole thing, and I think we just need to take the plunge and see if it's feasible or not.
 2. Pack up things in the kitchen that aren't essential, so we can make room for baby bottles and the like. Wine glasses, it's time for you to go.
3. Finish registering.  About a month ago, I made a lot of progress with this, but there are still quite a few things that I probably haven't thought of that I should address soon. To complete this, I'm referencing this list from A Cup of Jo, as well as this one and one from A. Liz Adventures among others. As a random aside, we picked up our little registry packet from Target and it's quite the little gift bag!

4. Figure out what we are doing for the nursery space!  My ideal nursery space would look something like this.
Or this...
With that said, Baby J isn't getting a special room and the husband wants the nursery space to be more fun and have a theme.  A long time ago we had thought about doing a Winnie the Pooh theme because that is special to us, but I'm really stuck on how to do it well.  I'm hoping to figure out a plan to merge both of our tastes.

5. Paint the dresser for the changing table. I'm extremely nervous about doing this, but I think if we could paint it white it would really make it look better. 

We also have to finish clearing out all the stuff from my side of the closet and re-do the storage under our bed, so these are just the highlights, but it makes me feel better to write a few of these items down! This weekend won't be too much work though.  We have a wedding on Saturday night that should be lots of fun!  What are your weekend plans?

Happy Wednesday/A Very Belated Weekend Recap!

How have you been lately?  It's been a busy past few days, but I finished two big events up at work this week, so I'm hoping that things will slow down just a little bit.

This past weekend we visited the husband's dad and it was also really good to be able to spend that time together. Even though I really like DC, I have to admit that I always feel a little calmer when we travel outside of the city and all of the congestion. We drove down on Friday night after work and made it to his Dad's house a little after midnight, so we had all of Saturday and Sunday to spend together. On Saturday we had a nice little lunch at Panera and stopped by Sweet Frog for some frozen yogurt, which is always a favorite.You can't tell from the photo, but this Hokie bird is actually made of Legos.  Isn't that cool?
 Even though there is a lot going on,  the husband's aunt took me to pick out a few little things for Baby J on Saturday afternoon.  She got this adorable little rattle, which I think may inspire the nursery space...we shall see!  I also went to her house and looked at material for a baby quilt.  It really is meaningful to think that Baby J will have a quilt made by her.  That evening, we enjoyed a really nice dinner sitting outside and enjoying the mountain views. On Sunday, we did a little cleaning out of the husband's old room.  There is still a bit of work to be done, but I think we got a lot done in a very short period of time.  All in all, it was really good that we were able to go down and visit. How is your week going?  I'm definitely looking forward to this weekend!

Five for Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  Here are my Five for Friday!

I picked these flowers up last Thursday, and I'm delighted that they lasted through this week. There is nothing like fresh flowers to brighten up the apartment.
The husband has been playing tennis a lot after work, which gave me some time to putter around the house.  Next week there are lots of birthdays, my parents' anniversary and Father's Day, so I was excited to start getting all of the correspondence ready to go in the mail.
When I checked my email on Wednesday, my mom had sent me some photos of some baby clothes she had picked up for Baby J.  Isn't this dress precious?
My sister also called me on Thursday night to ask about some cute baby stuff she found at TJ Maxx.  Apparently Baby J will have plenty of swaddling blankets.
While the husband has been away, I've also been listening to this album.
To be honest, my FIL is having some serious health issues, and it's been a tough week.  We are headed down to visit this weekend, and I'm really glad that we are able to do that, but I have to admit that I feel pretty helpless. He's getting further tests done today, so if you could be sending positive thoughts and prayers our way, it would mean a lot.  I won't be talking about this on the blog very much, because this is a frivolous space, but I wanted to mention it because it's on my mind and heart. 

Gender Reveal Party Recap!

As I mentioned, this past weekend was our gender reveal party!  Going into the weekend, I was thinking that maybe we'd made the wrong decision to host one, but it ended up being a great time and I think it was really special that our families could find out together.

My sister flew in early on Thursday night and it was great to have some extra time with her. On Friday we went shopping in Tyson's Corner and did a little prepping for Saturday.  That evening the husband's mother and grandmother came over for dinner, and we had a nice little visit.

On Saturday, we enjoyed lunch and quick trip into the city with my mother-in-law and the husband's grandma until the party later that afternoon. 

We also picked up Georgetown cupcakes for the party later that day.  I was really excited that they did gender reveal cupcakes!
That afternoon, my sister and I finished setting up for the party and then my family arrived!
My mom had brought ribbons, which everyone wore for their guesses.
 The husband was in charge of our betting station and I had made an old wives tale sign, so people could make an "intelligent" guess.
We played a game of "Baby Jeopardy" which the husband had organized. It was competitive and lots of fun! Then it was time for the reveal! Since we had found out early, the husband came up with the idea to order some engraved picture frames, which everyone opened at the same time.
Once they opened them up, they could see that we are going to have a girl!
My brother videotaped the whole thing, so it is really neat that we will be able to have that to remember the day by.  He also took a lot of great pictures on his good camera, which he's going to send me soon.

We promptly celebrated with a champagne toast!
 That evening we had a simple meal of bbq, and of course our Georgetown Cupcakes!
 On Sunday, everyone came over for brunch and we were able to visit a little bit more.  I had made simple favors with chocolates that we sent everyone home with.  
 All in all, it was a great visit, and I'm really thankful we could celebrate together with our families!

Week 21: Pregnancy Update

Happy Monday!  I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend.  This past weekend was really wonderful with our gender reveal party with our families, and I can't wait to share a few details from the party with you tomorrow.  In the meantime, I meant to post this last week, but I got a bit behind, so here is the week 21 recap for memories sake!

How Far Along? 21 weeks

Size of Baby: A carrot -10.5 inches long!

Nursery: Still just our closet and bedroom, but when my parents come to visit this weekend I'm hoping they will be able to take a few things home with them to store so there will be more space for Baby J. 
Symptoms: I've been waking up in the middle of the night, which is pretty unusual. I know the second trimester is supposed to bring a lot of energy, but I still find myself getting tired and taking a nap on the weekends.
Cravings: Still craving watermelon.  I wasn't able to pick any up this weekend, so I will definitely be purchasing some soon!

What I Miss: It's starting to become more real, so I'm not missing too much this week. 

Best Moment This Week: The husband and I decided that we couldn't wait to find out the gender, so immediately after our 20 week appointment, we peeked.  Of course, that has put my planning and dreaming into overdrive.  I'm really glad that we have had this time together as a couple to process everything and the husband came up with a neat way to surprise everyone about the gender on Saturday.  I also went to TJ Maxx this past weekend, and I discovered that they actually have a pretty good baby section.  I found a few things that I was thinking of registering for on sale for 50 percent off, so I went ahead and purchased them. 

Looking Forward To: The gender reveal this Saturday!  

Weekend Recap and non-traditional wedding gift ideas

This weekend was nice and low-key with two trips to the pool.  I also spent a lot of time thinking about baby stuff (shocking, I know), but I won't bore you with all of that. 

On Saturday I got to see a friend from undergrad who is getting married in a few weeks. She and her fiance didn't do a registry but she loves Anthropologie. In addition to a monetary gift, I've been thinking about getting them a few things (and if she doesn't like them, she can always return them).

While shopping with her, she admired these plates, so I think a set of these would be nice.  While they aren't my style, the sentiment is lovely.
I've also always wanted to give this dishtowel as a gift.
And for the card, I found this with my sister when we were shopping a few weeks ago.
What are your favorite gifts to give?  I know it sounds silly but even when giving cash, I prefer to give some small token gift that the couple can use in their home.