Pregnancy Update: Week 24

How Far Along? 24 weeks

Size of Baby: An ear of corn

Nursery: Well, we have a dresser!  A friend also came and picked up quite a few things that we don't have a real need for and we took a few more things to my parents for storage, so we are slowly making a little bit of space. 

Symptoms: Feeling pretty good and hoping I can get things accomplished while I still have a little bit of energy.
Cravings: Nothing really, but I think I will always have my sweet tooth.

What I Miss: Definitely can't complain about anything this week. The second trimester is a sweet spot and I'm trying to enjoy it while I can.

Best Moment This Week:  Getting organizational projects and the dresser painted with the husband.  I'm starting to feel less overwhelmed and just excited about getting our space ready for her. It's really fun to plan for her with the husband and I'm just thankful for this time. I'm also really starting to feel her move around a lot more and it is so neat to me.  The 24 week appointment went great, and it makes me  thankful to know that everything is going well.

 Looking Forward To: Getting our apartment ready for her! 

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Elle Sees said...

Yay! You look so happy. Glad you're in a sweet spot at the moment!