Weekend Recap and non-traditional wedding gift ideas

This weekend was nice and low-key with two trips to the pool.  I also spent a lot of time thinking about baby stuff (shocking, I know), but I won't bore you with all of that. 

On Saturday I got to see a friend from undergrad who is getting married in a few weeks. She and her fiance didn't do a registry but she loves Anthropologie. In addition to a monetary gift, I've been thinking about getting them a few things (and if she doesn't like them, she can always return them).

While shopping with her, she admired these plates, so I think a set of these would be nice.  While they aren't my style, the sentiment is lovely.
I've also always wanted to give this dishtowel as a gift.
And for the card, I found this with my sister when we were shopping a few weeks ago.
What are your favorite gifts to give?  I know it sounds silly but even when giving cash, I prefer to give some small token gift that the couple can use in their home. 


MCW said...

I love to give Christmas ornaments. Most people never have them, or could use more and it's something you don't register for!

Elle Sees said...

i like the idea of the commenter above with the ornaments! i never thought of that.

Candace Shiflet said...

I love the dish rag! I bet your friend would love all of those :) You can never go wrong with anthropology!
xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

Dee said...

Oh that dishtowel is so cute. I think she'd love that. When I think of wedding gifts, I always think of giving things that I would love to have myself. Like, those fancy silver plated serving trays that hold food with candles below it to keep the everything warm or his and hers matching pj's or pretty candle holders with candles in hopes that there will be many romantic dinners in their lives together. I'm really glad I stumbled across your blog today because I really enjoyed the visit. Have a lovely day... :)