Five for Friday!

I've kind of fallen off blogging for a little while, but I'm hoping to be a little bit better next week.  I definitely appreciate being able to have this little space!
While I've been definitely doing my fair share in terms of getting rid of things and putting stuff in storage, I've come to the conclusion that I probably need to just throw away my current ballet flats and get new shoes.  All three pairs have definitely seen better days.  I think I might give these pairs of shoes from Payless a try because they are only $15. 

 This article about Felicity Merriman  made me smile.  It makes me excited to think that one day Baby J. might be interested in having a doll of her own one day (of course she might also not be, and I'm okay with that too)!
For a month or so I've needed to do was take a first aid class to finish my teacher's license renewal, and I finally got that done this week. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted!
Thursday night the husband had a work event that also included spouses so we enjoyed an evening out!
All in all, I think it's been a pretty productive week, and I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend.  We need to start getting a few things done in order to prepare for Baby J!  With my shower coming up next weekend, I think one more trip to Goodwill needs to happen!  I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Weekend Recap: Visiting with Friends!

I felt like this weekend went by super quickly, but we made the most of our time so that always makes for a satisfying weekend. On Saturday I drove a few hours to visit with some friends.  Even though I hit traffic which is always annoying, it was definitely worth it.  I was able to have a good visit with my friend who I've known since we were freshmen in undergrad and also with another really good friend.  It's nice that even though our lives have changed we still have that friendship.  I'm also really excited because I will see them both in two weeks for my shower!

On Sunday afternoon we had another couple and their baby over to our apartment.  We hadn't met their little boy, so it was really neat to see him.  He ended up taking a two hour nap on the playmat we bought at Ikea a few weekends ago, so I'm taking that as a hopeful sign that maybe Baby J will like it too.  They were so sweet and brought a whole basket full of baby things that they thought were useful.   I feel very fortunate that our friends with babies are especially supportive and kind during this time. It's super helpful to get their advice and ideas, considering the husband and I are going into this pretty blindly! How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap!

It was a hot weekend in the D.C. area, which meant that about the only outdoor activity I was interested in was going to the pool.  Thank goodness for air conditioning!  I took advantage of the warmer weather to use it as an excuse to stay inside and get some organizing done around the apartment.  At this point we don't really have too much else that we can take to Goodwill, and we've identified what will go into storage at my parent's we just have to get it there so we can make room for Baby J!  Saturday marked the beginning of week 28 for me, so I'm officially in the third trimester. In the next month or so, we're planning to start preparing in earnest now that Baby J's arrival is getting closer.

Despite the heat, on Saturday night the husband and I did walk to the Arlington cemetery, but even that seemed too hot. With the events last week, it seemed especially sad to visit the memorial.
On Sunday afternoon, I had some returns to do at the mall, and I couldn't resist buying a few things for Baby J, as the summer items are on sale.   I know she will be growing out of everything so quickly, which in some ways makes me kind of sad, but I'm trying to remember this so we save money for when she's older and will actually be aware of what we are putting her in.  I've been obsessed with these baby shoes though, and so when I saw them on sale for $5, I couldn't resist.
They seem so tiny, but these actually won't fit her until she's 18 months!
How was your weekend?  Did you enjoy some fun in the sun?

Five for Friday!

Happy Friday!  I realize that the day is almost over, but here are my five!
I watched the Woman in Gold this week. While it isn't the best movie I've ever seen, I thought it was interesting that it is based on a true story.
 I tried Trader Joe's Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken on a whim.  It is absolutely delicious, and I'm definitely going to be buying this for easy lunches and dinners.

Since I've been thinking all things baby, when the husband showed me this video, I thought it was hilarious.  Sad truth, I also kept looking around the room to get decorating ideas.  That's one cute little crib!

Is this seriously happening? I can't believe that Texas is doing this.

I know the Nordstrom sale is going on, and I will definitely be checking that out, but I've found myself all distracted by the baby clothes on sale at Baby Gap.  I know I should wait to see what we actually need, but I couldn't help ordering this little dress (among a few other things...).
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I think mine will be low key, which sounds good to me!

What's Cooking Wednesday: Chickpea Waldorf Salad

I have to admit that during the summer I'm pretty uninterested in cooking.  In the fall, making casseroles and other hearty things seem just right, but it all seems way to heavy for the summertime.  Quite frankly, I would be happy to just eat tomatoes, mozzarella and basil all summer long and call it a day.  That's pretty much what I did last summer and I was as happy as I could be.  This year I can't eat the mozzarella, and I also am trying to keep my protein intake high, so I've just been having spinach, cottage cheese and tomatoes for lunch, but I've been getting pretty bored with that.

Over the weekend, I looked through some recipes on The Kitchn, which I find to be a pretty reliable resource in hopes that I could get some inspiration. In keeping with the salad theme, I decided to make the chickpea waldorf salad for my lunch this week.   I have to admit that it has lots of flavor and is a nice break from my usual fare.  It doesn't really showcase summer fruits and veggies, so it would also be a great meal during the fall or summer.   What do you usually enjoy bringing to lunch at work? I am always up for new ideas!

Pregnancy Update: Week 26 and a "Nursery" Update

How Far Along? 26 weeks!

Size of Baby: A scallion; about 14 inches

Nursery: Since there is no formal nursery, we are going to wait a little bit longer before we order the crib and put the cradle in our apartment.  However, half of the closet has been cleared out for Baby J. and I think that part is really coming along nicely!
I am going to order this changing pad from Pottery Barn Kids, to keep with the pink and white theme.
  I also made these prints.  I'm not sure if we will use them, but I think they turned out well.
Symptoms: I really can't complain, but I'm definitely starting to slow down a little bit.

Cravings: Nothing really this week. I don't think it's fair to blame my sweet tooth on the baby!

Best Moment This Week:  It was really fun to have everyone up for the 4th of July and to see how excited my family is for Baby J.  My sister indulged me in listening to lots of baby related talk and my brother is definitely poised to be an uncle!

Looking Forward To: The baby shower!

Weekend Recap!

This past weekend we went to visit my parents and they helped me get my car inspected.  It was really great to see them and have some time to visit.  As you can tell from the blog, I'm pretty focused on Baby J's arrival, and my mom is just as excited, so we definitely enjoyed our time together.

We headed back to D.C. on Saturday evening, and we decided to stop by Ikea, as I had wanted to pick up some storage drawers for under our bed.  We picked those up, but we also found some really cute baby things. I know Baby J is going to go through a decent amount of crib sheets, so these seem like a good deal at two sheets for $10.
We also thought this little set of stacking rings was really adorable.
Our friends have this blanket, and we think it will be really great for tummy time. For some reason seeing these little baby things just make me so happy!
On Sunday, I caught up with chores and errands. I also finally got around to sending out some letters to my family and friends. It feels good to start off the weekend without feeling behind.  How was your weekend? 

Five for Friday!

This week has been busy at work, but at least it's been productive!  I have to get some car repairs taken care of on Saturday, but I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend.  I'm afraid I've been thinking about all things baby lately, so my Five for Friday aren't very exciting, but here they are.

1. My sister sent out my baby shower invites this week! She ordered them from Tiny Prints and I think they are really cute.
2. The closet, aka Baby J's nursery space, is starting to come together.  I ordered these baskets from Target and I am excited to be filling them with diapers and little baby clothes soon! Speaking of Target, they are currently running a sale on their baby stuff where is you spend a certain amount you get a gift card.  It's a pretty good deal if you are in the market for baby things! 
4. I also made Baby J her first monogram.  I'm not sure if I'm going to do anything with it, but I am excited to see her initials in print!

4.  And finally something non-baby related, the husband got home at a pretty decent hour this week, so we enjoyed sitting out on our balcony enjoying the skyline.  We even had time to venture out for a neighborhood walk.  I love how long it stays light in the summer.
 5. I really enjoyed San Francisco when I visited this past spring, and I have to admit that I'm intrigued by Million Dollar Listing in San Francisco.  So far I'm not as into it as for the one in NY or LA, but it's still fun to watch!
What are your weekend plans?  For some reason summer weekends always seem particularly fun!

Preganancy Update: Week 25

How Far Along? 25 weeks

Size of Baby:Size of a cauliflower

Nursery: We haven't made much progress this week, but we're definitely thinking of using Winnie the Pooh as inspiration for Baby J's space.  Originally I thought we'd try to make it a bit more sophisticated and not have a theme, but I think this will actually turn out to be just right for our little girl.   I'm trying to focus making our apartment feel more fun at the request of the husband.

Symptoms: Feeling pretty good, but I can tell that things will start to get a bit uncomfortable in the coming weeks. 
Cravings: Sugar and carbs, but I'm really trying to focus on getting my protein.

What I Miss: Definitely can't complain, and I'm thankful things are going well.

Best Moment This Week:   This whole past weekend was definitely the highlight, as it really is so touching to me to see the husband's consideration and determination when we were trying to register for the stroller and car seat.  I also loved visiting our alma mater and taking a bump shot at our campus.  It's amazing and wonderful to think of where life has taken us from when we met ten and a half years ago. I feel so incredibly fortunate and blessed to be on this adventure with the husband.

Looking Forward To: The baby shower and continuing to  prepare for Baby J!

Fourth of July Recap!

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July!  I have to admit that I'm pretty sad that the weekend is over.  It was really great seeing my family and having the time together, but the next time we will be celebrating will be at the beginning of August for my baby shower, so that's definitely something to look forward to!

My sister and her boyfriend flew in on Thursday night, and we enjoyed hanging out and catching up.  On Friday, my sister and I decided to do a little shopping.  I found two maternity dresses at Macy's that I really like and were very inexpensive, and I also got two pairs of pants for the husband at Banana Republic that had been marked way down.  My sister found a cute dress that will be perfect to wear to work in sunny Florida and looked really nice on her.  With all the shopping, we also stopped for lunch at Season's 52 to celebrate the fact that she has tenure! I am so proud of her, and I'm always in awe of everything that my sister has done.
Friday night we just enjoyed hanging out and then on Saturday my parents, brother and sister-in-law came up.  They surprised us by wearing these shirts.
 We also celebrated the fact that my SIL just finished her Master's degree, and had a few cupcakes in honor of her.
And then it was time for more Fourth of July fun!
Since it had rained that day, the fireworks didn't end up being the best, but it was still great to be together.  
On Sunday everyone came over for a quick brunch and then headed back home.  I'm really glad that we were able to spend the time together.  How was your weekend?

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July weekend! My sister and her boyfriend are flying in tonight and then the rest of my family is coming up on Saturday for the fireworks  (here's hoping it doesn't get rained out).  Last year, I put a little bit more into the preparations, but this year I'm keeping the menu simple and similar to last year. 


Corn on the cob
Potato salad
Star watermelon
Baked beans
Blueberry cheescake


Cinnamon muffins
Fruit and yogurt parfaits
Just being together I know we will have a great time! What are your holiday plans?