Five for Friday!

This week has been busy at work, but at least it's been productive!  I have to get some car repairs taken care of on Saturday, but I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend.  I'm afraid I've been thinking about all things baby lately, so my Five for Friday aren't very exciting, but here they are.

1. My sister sent out my baby shower invites this week! She ordered them from Tiny Prints and I think they are really cute.
2. The closet, aka Baby J's nursery space, is starting to come together.  I ordered these baskets from Target and I am excited to be filling them with diapers and little baby clothes soon! Speaking of Target, they are currently running a sale on their baby stuff where is you spend a certain amount you get a gift card.  It's a pretty good deal if you are in the market for baby things! 
4. I also made Baby J her first monogram.  I'm not sure if I'm going to do anything with it, but I am excited to see her initials in print!

4.  And finally something non-baby related, the husband got home at a pretty decent hour this week, so we enjoyed sitting out on our balcony enjoying the skyline.  We even had time to venture out for a neighborhood walk.  I love how long it stays light in the summer.
 5. I really enjoyed San Francisco when I visited this past spring, and I have to admit that I'm intrigued by Million Dollar Listing in San Francisco.  So far I'm not as into it as for the one in NY or LA, but it's still fun to watch!
What are your weekend plans?  For some reason summer weekends always seem particularly fun!

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