Weekend Recap: Visiting with Friends!

I felt like this weekend went by super quickly, but we made the most of our time so that always makes for a satisfying weekend. On Saturday I drove a few hours to visit with some friends.  Even though I hit traffic which is always annoying, it was definitely worth it.  I was able to have a good visit with my friend who I've known since we were freshmen in undergrad and also with another really good friend.  It's nice that even though our lives have changed we still have that friendship.  I'm also really excited because I will see them both in two weeks for my shower!

On Sunday afternoon we had another couple and their baby over to our apartment.  We hadn't met their little boy, so it was really neat to see him.  He ended up taking a two hour nap on the playmat we bought at Ikea a few weekends ago, so I'm taking that as a hopeful sign that maybe Baby J will like it too.  They were so sweet and brought a whole basket full of baby things that they thought were useful.   I feel very fortunate that our friends with babies are especially supportive and kind during this time. It's super helpful to get their advice and ideas, considering the husband and I are going into this pretty blindly! How was your weekend?


Laura Darling said...

So glad you had a nice weekend! What thoughtful friends you have!

Elle Sees said...

such a great weekend!! always love your life updates.