Weekend Recap!

This past weekend we went to visit my parents and they helped me get my car inspected.  It was really great to see them and have some time to visit.  As you can tell from the blog, I'm pretty focused on Baby J's arrival, and my mom is just as excited, so we definitely enjoyed our time together.

We headed back to D.C. on Saturday evening, and we decided to stop by Ikea, as I had wanted to pick up some storage drawers for under our bed.  We picked those up, but we also found some really cute baby things. I know Baby J is going to go through a decent amount of crib sheets, so these seem like a good deal at two sheets for $10.
We also thought this little set of stacking rings was really adorable.
Our friends have this blanket, and we think it will be really great for tummy time. For some reason seeing these little baby things just make me so happy!
On Sunday, I caught up with chores and errands. I also finally got around to sending out some letters to my family and friends. It feels good to start off the weekend without feeling behind.  How was your weekend? 

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